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Dead AGM battery


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I was wondering if anyone on a R1200RT has experienced an enexpected dead battery. I have a 2005 purchased on 8/2005. Last May I planned a trip to the East coast for a week or so. Being the OEM battery was over 2 1/2 years old I installed a new AGM battery from a reputable dealer. The old battery was still OK.

Anyway 2 weeks ago I rode 400 miles to home. Shut off the bike as usual. 2 days later I was gonna go for a ride. On went the igmition Zilch.. Nada..

Put a DVM to the battery 0 volts with ignition on. Unhooked the posts and measured 4.58 volts. Slapped the old battery in from May and everything started up OK. I have been riding for over a week and it is OK.

Read about charging tha AGM with a regular charger with a 12v in series, did it for day and the bulb went from bright to dim indicating a full charge, It now measures 12.3+ V for the last week. It is staying charged on the shelf.


Question has anyone seen an anomally like this? Stuck relay???



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If the battery will only show 12.3 volts then it is either not fully charged or bad. A fully-charged battery in good condition should show around 12.6-12.8 volts (disconnected, and after it has been allowed to stabilize off the charger for a few hours.) And an AGM battery will probably be at the higher end of that range.


Too many variables to guess why yours failed, if it did. Sometimes batteries suffer from infant mortality, not common but on occasion it happens to the best of 'em. Also I'm not sure what you're trying to describe in terms of a charging method but an AGM battery really should be charged with an appropriate 3-stage charger with a fairly high initial rate capacity, especially if it has been severely discharged.

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