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Locking Side Stand & RT-P Radio Box Questions


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I just purchased an '04 1150RT an have read about a "locking side stand" that was standard equipment on the RT-P. I would like some feedback from someone (civilian) who is using one - pros & cons, if it provides any additional security in preventing a fall over while parked, security from theft, and any other opinions you may want to offer.


I am also interested in knowing if adding the RT-P radio box in place of the rear seat offers much additional storage space and/or lockable security. I will never be riding 2 up.


I'll continue searching the site. I haven't found what I'm asking for yet - but I'm new.


Thanks in advance.

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The radio box provides minimal storage space. I fit a laptop-sized bag there. It's only about 3" tall (unless you remove the base plate somehow). The laptop just fits. I rarely (if ever) lock it. It's nice because it can be left unlocked, unlike the saddlebags.


Side stand: Mine used to lock, now it doesn't. The locking part just took a little getting used to: You have to push down on the side-stand foot before you can pull it back. It's longer than the civilian version, so while the bike leans more when on it, it's much harder to tip over the side-stand and it's big foot. It's also different because the spot you push on to deploy it is *behind* the footpeg, rather than in front like the civilian models.


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I was idly wondering why a locking side stand is necessary? I have no difficulty parking on a downward slope using my regular side stand. I'm confident that the bike won't roll forward, causing the stand to fold and the bike to fall over. Why? Well, because on a downward slope I engage 1st gear and let the bike take up the slack in the gears before deploying the side stand. It's safe as houses - but perhaps that's a misnomer in light of recent sub-prime shenanigans. :(





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Here are the BMW parts numbers for this sidestand:


Sidestand w/13 degree lean: 99 00 0 001 060

Sidestand w/15 degree lean: 99 99 0 000 021.

Locking sidestand mount: 99 00 0 001 059



The locking mount is optional.


(Thank Jeff Dean)_Have fun kids! :wave:

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Sidestand preventing fall over? I would say yes, and you can't push the bike and have the stand flip up on you. I use the radio box to store things I need to get to quickly, rotor lock,cellphone, wallet, raincoat, pressure gauge, water, etc.

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On the BMW authority website, there are instructions for fitting a relay kit to CHP motors, enabling them to run on the sidestand.


in these instructions, the following sentences is found:


Warning: Do not use the above harness system, to allow the motorcycle to idle in neutral, unless

the police locking side stand is installed. Use without a locking side stand could pose the risk of

injury or property damage, as the motorcycle could “walk-off” the side stand and fall, due to

engine idle pulses.


Of course, ever since the R1150 series, all R's idle on the sidestand. So there should be tons of them walking off the side stands, right? well.. I've yet to be convinced why the locking part is such a good thing, and if so, why the rest of the world doesn't use it..


btw, I love the topbox for storing papers and other things which you need close to hand. Very convenient as you don't need to lock it, unluke the other storage spaces on the bike. It also mounts my autocom/carkit









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