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Rossi says these new MotoGP bikes are boring


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Same for Formula 1. The technology has won and the racing is almost non-existent.


I love F1 and Moto-GP but the technology isn't helping the entertainment value anymore.

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Good interview. I'd bet anything, even with all the electro-gadgets trying to help, I could thrill the crowds with a huge high side. Getting through a corner at any speed would be the problem.


It's just amazing the control these guys have, and terrific that Rossi is speaking out against it. He's the top, or one of the top riders ever, so he benefits more than most from fewer rider aids. The others who would benefit are the fans. I'm with bcayes that tech is taking over F1 and Moto-GP. The track layouts aren't much help either, although that's a bigger issue in F1. If it keeps going the way it has been, we can just dyno the bikes and cars before the race and post the results with nobody having to ride or drive.

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