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Annual British Bike Rally is this Sunday in SoCal


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SoCal Norton Club has been putting this on for a few years and if you've never been to it, your missing the chance to see a lot of very cool bikes. It always amazes me to see so many motorcycles that were wired by the Prince of Darkness aka Lucas, that still fire up. :grin:


Get there early in order to see them before they take off on their ride towards the Crest.

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I went to something similar at Websters estate in Ojai Ca. a few years go and it was really fun. He had lots(100+) of vintage bikes on display, Almost all Guzzis. The above mentioned event should be as much fun. Thanks for the info!

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A short moto run out to Hansen Dam on Sunday sounds like fun. Also to elaborate on the reference to Guy Webster's museum, check out the video shot at his former location before moving into an industrial building off the main drag in Ojai. I visited there a few months ago and was thoroughly impressed with his very rare collection.

Guy Webster Moto Museum




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