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Under-Roadcrafter Britches?


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Say, what do you 'stich wearin' folks wear for pants under a Roadcrafter? I just bought the one piece version for my first track day, and will also be doing long road trips in it.

I presume the same problems that jeans present on high mileage days (from the seams, etc.) would occur when worn inside a Roadcrafter, in addition to being too hot.

I'd like to find something that would not get me arrested if I strip off the stich in a restaurant, that would be comfortable to ride in all day under the suit, and that would also be cooler than jeans.

Of course, shorts of various persuasions (like bicycle shorts) are a possibility, except that I'd like to be able to unzip the lower legs in the suit part way while riding for ventilation. Exposed skin would feel great, but would diminish the effectiveness of wearing the suit.

Ideas on good compromises, anyone? Muchas gracias.

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Underarmor brand longs for the summer,can cover with breathable nylon pants/shirts(Coolmax or similar fabric).



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We just took a trip to Carmel on our RT. I used the Under Armour Heat gear leggings on the way up and Ex-Officio boxers on the way back. I was much more comfortable with the Under Armour. I second the recommendation to have a pair of travel pants to pull on when you take off the Roadcrafter. My wife REALLY seconds that recommendation.

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John Ranalletta

Completed a hot track day yesterday wearing the BMW Savanna II and UnderArmor that look like biking shorts. Worked great.

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DON'T WEAR SYNTHETICS UNDER YOUR STICH. Aerostich tells you this, and they are right. I hit a deer, went down, and slid 75 feet on the pavement. My synthetic shirt melted into my skin on my arm. It was my only injury, other than a couple of bruises. Wear natural fibers, like silk, cotton or wool.

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DON'T WEAR NATURAL FIBERS UNDER YOUR STICH. They doesn't wick away the moisture, they retain it, and in the heat, you won't be able to properly cool off and you'll get heatstroke, and if the temperature drops, like at night in the desert, you'll be chilled and you'll get hypothermia.


Since there's apparently no perfect material, you'll have to choose your risk.


For me, my choice is UnderArmour long-sleeve T and leggings.

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Thanks much, everyone.


I'll definitely look into the UnderArmor thing right away. And if I find any really good light-weight pants for riding, I'll post something.


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