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Well, now hat it's a little chilly and the bike takes some amps to crank it appears that the battery is too weak to not trip the ABS fault.


Need some recomendations on where to get a replacement. know where to get the $100+ units but I'm interested in the less expensive ones that people say they've had good service with.


I've got a sweet old R100RSL it's a jewel.





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If you have ABS I assume you meant R1100 rather than R100. A less-expensive alternative is the Universal Battery UB12220. I just ordered one from the company in the link and service was good.

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Yeah, BatteriesASAP is another good source. Since they are in Dallas and I live in Texas I would have had to pay state tax plus a mandated disposal fee so Stabb was less expensive for me, but either place is good to deal with. Now, hopefully the battery is good as well... :grin: But as I mentioned in another thread the Odyssey is almost three times as expensive and I find myself doubting the overall value there.

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It's not the cheap way, as you asked, but I went to the BMW gel battery, bought the appropriate charger, and all my battery problems have been solved. I can't tell you how long it's been in there now, but it's a LONG time, and no other battery has even come close to being as reliable.

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If you have the larger (28AH) battery, the LC-X1228P Panasonic is a good match. I use that in my K1100LT ('93 so I can fit the big battery).



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