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Problems with Schuberth S1


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Last week I bit the bullet and shelled out for a Schuberth S1.

I'm having two problems with it and would really appreciate comments or helpful advice from other S1 owners.

First, even with both vents open, I feel as though I'll suffocate within a couple of minutes if I close the face shield completely. Accordingly, I'm riding at highway speeds with the shield cracked open, which defeats the low noise features of the helmet. A quieter ride was my main rationale for buying the S1 in the first place.

Second, no matter how I adjust the chin strap buckle, it seems to dig into my neck in a way that I've not experienced with other helmets. I'm constantly pulling the strap forward in an effort to get comfortable. I noted the strap problem when I tried on the S1 in the store, but expected that some adjustment would remedy. Wrongo. Does anyone else have this problem? Is the S1 chin strap mounted farther aft on the shell than on other helmets to clear the Schuberth under-chin padding?

I've worn the thing enough now that I don't think I can return it.

Am I the only one with these problems with the S1?

tongue.gif - That's me being strangled by the chin strap.

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I've had an S1 for a long time (ordered from overseas) and have not had either problem. It certainly gets louder with the visor up, but I think every helmet does that. I do notice that moving the front of the helmet up or down on my head can dramatically effect the noise level.


No trouble at all with the chin strap. I'm wondering if you have the front of the helmet pulled too far down.

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I've had an S1 for about 5 months and I really like it. It takes a couple of months to break in well. The foam is so dense that it takes awhile to break in fully. Hang in there. As for the lack of air, make sure that the center chin vent is open and that the top vent is also open (they can be confusing). Also look inside the helmet and see if the vent holes along the top are being obscured by placement of the padding. If so, you can move the pads around a bit to increase flow. When riding around town, I keep the shield open to the "city" setting, which helps quite a bit. On the highway, I keep it closed and get great ventilation. You should be getting plenty of air with both vents open.


The chin strap can feel like it's choking you if you're wearing the helmet tilted too far forward. The chin strap is linked to another strap that runs around the back of the helmet to keep it from moving around. When I put the helmet on, once I get it set right, I pull both ends of the chin strap down and forward with a good bit of force and then run my finger around the back of the helmet to make sure nothing is bunched up. This takes the slack out of the strap that runs around the back of the helmet and the chin strap should then fit properly. Also check that the thin pads that line the inside of the chin strap are sitting properly and not bunched up.


The helmet will loosen up a bit as you wear it, which helps too. Check the diagrams in the user's manual. Hopefully these are just issues with a brand new helmet. The S1 is the nicest and quietest helmet I've ever had and the tinted visor is great. Best of luck to you.

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Great suggestions above! Also keep in mind that if you have a touring shield on your RT, you can block enough of the wind that you may feel you're not getting enough airflow...because you're not! Next time you are out and feel like you are suffocating, try standing on the pegs and see if suddenly you feel cool, clean air filling your helmet almost immediately! If you do, you can then manage your windscreen angle to get the ventilation you want with the protection you require. Good luck and happy motoring!

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Thanks to all for the considerate feedback. Definitely part of the problem is that my RT windshield and fairing block lots of airflow. This would make any helmet warm. In addition, I guess my particular head shape and size doesn't work well with the S1 - I couldn't even get the medium on my head, while the large seemed slightly loose in the store. I thought it would be OK, but it's already getting looser, bringing the helmet low on my forehead.

I've checked that the vents are all free and open, but the chin vent seems to allow no airflow, even when standing on the pegs in the open airstream. The proximity of the cheek pads and the under chin flap make it feel like I'm breathing into a baggie with the shield closed. And in the recent heat, the Schuberth is just way hotter feeling than my old HJC CS-12 - I'm just flat miserable in it.

Guess I'll try wearing it again in about November, unless anybody wants to buy a slightly used white S1, size large? tongue.gif

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