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Dinner in San Diego Nov 6


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Hi all,


Anyone care to join me for dinner on Thursday, November 6 in San Diego? I am staying in SeaPort Village at the Manchester Grand Hyatt and plan on eating at the BBQ place directly across the street around 6 p.m.


They filmed the bar scene from "Top Gun" in there, and the food is pretty decent...plus, selfish me, I don't have to drive to get there! Which is a big plus since I don't really know the town or eateries...


What do you think?


Steve in So Cal

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There are plenty of other options within walking distance, Steve. I'd love to go, but my mom says I can't stay out too late since I have to get up early in the morning the next day . . .



. . . and ride to Death Valley!!! :grin:

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Sorry Steve....

Would love to come on down there and leave from SD to head to Death Valley the next morning, but.....

The Missus and I will be celebrating our Anniversary....

Quiet dinner for 2...

The rest of the evening is nobody's concern....

Move along......quietly.... move along...




See ya in Morro Bay / Cambria / wherever the Taco Ride is....



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Yup. All burnt up...




Apparently, she's lost that lovin' feeling. I hate it when she does that! :grin:

Yup, me too! :grin:






I used to teach a course called, "Everything I ever needed to know about leadership, I learned from 'Top Gun.'"


It had subjects like:

"You'll never know how good you are until you push the limits."

"Don't screw up too bad, or you'll end up hauling rubber dog poop out of Hong Kong."

"Try to avoid buzzing the Admiral's daughter."

"Never lose the number for Truckmaster's, you might need


"Sometimes it is best to 'hit the brakes' and let him

just 'fly right by."

"Never, ever, leave your wingman."


:grin: :grin: :grin:



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I might make it down there to have a half a cup of water with you and then I would need to leave right away to get back on the freeway and head back home. Sounds fun, doesn't it?!

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No takers for dinner in San Diego. Guess I need to change my deodorant.... :dopeslap:


Found a couple of other pretty good places near the Hyatt. At least when you dine alone you cannot fault the company!



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