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Anyone have a 650 XMoto?


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Don't take it off the paved road that's for sure!


Just ask Phil. They don't get very far.


That was a X Challenge. Some end result though! :/


Excellent motor. Excellent bike.


Lot's of fun.


Off road REQUIRES additional protection but that is not what the Moto is for so you should be fine.


That's 1 Tony!

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I have one, purchased new May, 2007. It is a very interesting bike. I have completely enjoyed riding it but it is VERY good at some things and pretty poor at others. I am having a tough time justifying the existence of a bunch of motorcycles and am considering selling it and a couple others. I ride the RT most of the time and it is simply amazing how good that bike is.


- Very smooth for a single, shockingly smoother than the KTM640 and more powerful with a wider torque curve. Effortlessly cruise at 90mph if you can deal with the windblast. I bought a small windshield for it but haven't mounted it yet.

- Amazing gas mileage, 65-70 is common!

- It is amazing what sport bike rubber in sport bike sizes will do on a bike that weighs 325Lb and has a riding position like a GS. It looks like the tires will need to be replaced from age before you could wear them out. Thinking about finding an excuse to put some Pirelli Scorpions on it so I could explore some dirt roads and trails and keep the bike.

- Ditto for the brakes.

- A seat that is actually less comfortable than a KTM!

- LOTS of fun, in the right environment. You would need to be young to ride it long distances. I sometimes do 3-4 round trips of 8 miles to work it puts a smile on my face every time.

- Japanese/European style turn signal switch, NOT the vastly better BMW system.

- Excellent bike to buy used since if I sell it I figure it will have cost me $3 per mile to own it. The cost from this point on is so low it is amazing: low maintenance, low registration, low insurance, high gas mileage, etc.

- NOT likely to be anyone's ONLY motorcycle.


I could make you a great deal on both an X-Moto in pristine condition and a KTM 640 Enduro in great condition, 2,000 miles on each. I would suggest you try an X-Moto before you buy it since it could be wonderful or awful depending upon what you want it to be.


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Thanks for the info. What you describe is actually what I am looking for. I have and RT and I am looking for a 2nd bike to ride around town, run errands on, and blast around on the local backroads. I want a single, simple, easy on the gas wallet, and possibly my wife could ride it to work (14 mi rt).


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Owning an X-Challenge, I agree with everything Greg said.

Spot on description.


Greg, what's the windscreen you bought?

At ~80MPH the full force of wind blast just about rips me off the seat...






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I bought a "Spitfire" to try. That is the model and I don't have the box to tell you the brand since I had to bring the shield home in the RT luggage without box. :) I understand it is a very common shield for cruisers and was very inexpensive - $65 or so.


I have not tried it yet. I bought the shield to try, then decided to sell the X-Moto, now not sure. One of the issues that I have is that I am 6'2" and with my preferred Motorport Kevlar Mesh jacket, I am a huge sail in the wind.


I'm thinking that most buyers would be happier with the X-Country. It has a lower and more conventional seat that is more comfortable. The X-Moto and X-Country have a seat designed for moving around like you do in the dirt and SuperMoto style riding. Great as an aggresive around town rider but I'm more than double the age of the typical hoon.


The seat height of the X-Moto is very tall. It fits me as is but does look like it is adjustable in the front easily and in the rear with some work. X-Country is much lower. I bought the X-Moto since I really liked the looks and thought I needed the fully adjustable suspension. The limits are so high on that bike that the fully adjustable suspension is overkill for my riding ability. Ditto the brakes. Bringing the rear tire off the ground is easy with two fingers. It actually doesn't need ABS on dry ground. You can't lock the front because the rear comes off the ground and the rear is in the ABS with very little effort. It feels like a bicycle compared to the RT.


It is a very INTERESTING motorcycle.

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x-challenge, agree with greg also. I am having fun with it, both around the little NC town where I live and on the dirt roads in the Croatan Forest/park around these parts. Seat is torture and it is a tall bike for sure, no regrets so far.



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