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BMW rental in SF Cal


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I am going on a business trip east of San Fran in January and thought it would be a good chance to rent an RT or GT for 2 days and do a whirlwind tour since I've never been to Cal before. Pretty pathetic, huh. Anyone have a good lead on a bike and some must-see routes?

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skinny_tom (aka boney)
I used these people and had a terrific experience:




I've got no expereince with the company, but it seems that everyone else who's used their services seems to share David's sentiment as well.


In January, a good portion of California is covered in snow leaving the Sierra's mostly out of the question. You may be able to get into the "lower" valleys and canyons, and possibly into Yosemite Valley, but the snow level fluctuates daily. There's a good chance that you'll hit decent weather but it's going to be cold. Either way along the coast should be a nice ride, but you should plan a couple of different routes and take the one that is going to work best for existing conditions.

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See the oldest living things on the planet. Words can't describe their size. God's country at work here.




Trying to not be 'Correcting Charlie' here, but the redwoods are not the oldest, but they are the tallest, and an amazing place to go. Very impressive. The bristlecone pine (at 4700+ years) is the oldest. I think the bristlecone "forest" (they're a solitary type tree) is in SoCal in the Eastern Sierras - may be out of reach in January.



Ewell Gibbons

"...I thought that was a GOOD mushroom..."

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