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Clutch Squeal

Yeeha! Stephen

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Yeeha! Stephen

Rode my bike (1150 RT) to the corner store today and actually went without earplugs this time.


Heard a little squeal when the clutch lever is pulled and it stops when the lever is at both extremes. Light weight, high pitched kinda thing - can't hear it with ear plugs in.


Throwout bearing?


Isn't this one made into the Slave Cylinder? Meaning I need to buy the whole slave?



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Yeeha! Stephen

Not a belt squeal...


I wish it was.


I'm pretty sure it's the push rod bearing. Sounds a lot like a drill bit sqweaking on a dry piece of metal.


I was just looking for a "second of the motion". As in "I second the Throw Out Bearing, all in favor of Stephen getting his hands dirty again, say Aye! Stephen is the only Nay... Motion carries. Stephen, get your Arse out there and start tinkering." :dopeslap:

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Have a look at the slave. Prob take you a couple of hours at most. You'll prob find some corrosion thereabouts.


Sorry chief.



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