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R1100RT - Spark Plug Recommendations?


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It's that time again for new plugs. I can't find the prior posts so thought I'd open it up to fellow user recommendations. My bike has 23,000 and has always had moderate surging; not sure that the plugs will help that much but I'm open to others' experiences. Thx

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The Autolite 3923 seem to be the most popular alternative plug, with many reporting smoother running over the stock dual-electrode plug. Plus they're under 3 bucks a pair at Walmart.

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to add to this.... my walmart doesnt have autolite so via the phone found car parts place that did - couple of bucks each they said. however next day i was shocked (hehe) when got to the checkout and they told me 30$ for 4 plugs (2 + 2 extra for October 2010).


turns out not just high canadian prices and taxes komrads- turns out there is AL2929 or AP3923 where P = platinum. As the original plugs are platinum I decided to splurge on 'em. still less than half the price of the dealer.


bike now in rude health i.e running great (also with valves and tb synch). i gaped at 0.035" (after reading posts here)

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+1 on the Bosch 4418's. Went to them at about 10K miles on my 97. They eliminated the minor surge that I had at that time. That was 130K miles and 6 or 7 sets ago. I change once a year. For me that is somewhere between 15 and 20K miles. They have always looked good when they came out.

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