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Arai Vector review


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My old Shoei X-Eleven has got little long in the tooth and for the past month or two I’ve been trying on all possible helmets when visiting moto stores.

When I got the X-Eleven few years back it was the best fitting helmet I’d ever pulled on my head, only minimal hot spot at the very top of my forehead and nice and snug everywhere else. And at that time too, I tried on all the helmets I could get my hands on.


This time around I was positively surprised to find the Arai Vector fits my noggin even better than the X-11. No hot spots anywhere, just even tight fit all over the head.


I saw the Vector on Ebay for a really great price, almost $200 less for the graphics version than most retail stores seem to want for them, so I pulled the trigger and ordered one.

After 2 days on riding with the new helmet I have somewhat mixed feelings about it:

+ The blue eagle graphics looks really good

+ Fit & finish is top notch, the helmet feels really comfortable

+ It really does fit my head as well as I remembered from trying it on at the stores


- It is noisy! Much more so than the X-Eleven.





Face shield closed the difference is not that huge, but still very noticeable. But face shield open the Vector is ridiculously noisy.

This is the first Arai I’ve ever had and I’m totally blown away (no pun inteded) by the whistle those “face shield attachment cover plates” make. I couldn’t believe my ears.


Already at 30 – 40mph there is loud referee’s whistle blowing right next to my ears. And it’s those silly cover plates. Last night I went as far as putting ductape over the various vents and other holes / bumps to figure out what makes that annoying whistle. It’s the plates.


I guess with this helmet I better forget about riding face shield open, which I really like to do. And yes, I do wear earplugs.


Just my personal experience so far with the Arai Vector.


For a reference, I wear size L (both X-11 and Vector) and mainly ride a 1200GS with a small "sport shield" that puts my head and upper torso into a direct flow of smooth air. Lot of wind but no turbulence.





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I think the Vector has more of a "Intermediate Oval" shape.


I would have though the Profile, that supposedly has "Long Oval" shape, would have fit my long and narrow head the best. It didn't.

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Report back in a couple of years and tell us if you experience any of the 'common' Arai Quantum complaints (side pods and chin rubber strip falling off). That's what made me swap after my last two Quantums (both pre-II designs).

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Mikko, I think it is actually a very smart helmet. It knows that Finns are not suppose to smile and it is doing whatever it can to make you frown.......and its working!

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I recently tried the same helmet and found the fit to be excellent... I have not purchased and am disturbed by your findings...


How is airflow with face shield closed?


What kind of bike do you ride? windshield?


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John, as usual, you are absolutely correct. All I can say is:



For others,

Thanks for shearing that YouTube link, I'll for sure save it for future reference. My thing is, the helmet is pretty OK with face shield closed as-is, so the visor is probably correctly adjusted. It just whistles like a steam locomotive when face shield open.


Airflow inside the helmet is OK. At speed I can feel the wind but I'd say the X-11 vented even better. For norther CA climate the Vector vents plenty good.

Like I said, I ride a GS with a small "fly screen" so my head and upper torso are in full wind blow. Plenty of air flow but it's all smooth,turbulence free, wind.





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I agree with you Mikko.


I recently switched from a Shoei RF1000 to a Arai Vector. The fit is awesome - probably the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned. On top of the that, the cheek pads are perfectly positioned and sized to mount the Autocom speakers inside of them.


However, I too find it noisy. I covered the side plates with tape and it got better, but still whistled a little. With the shield up, it seems the same as the RF1000 but that is on an RT with a sizable wind screen. Shield down and I would say its about 25% louder than the RF. There are more high frequency sounds with this helmet; probably a combination of the top-centered vent and the side plates.

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I only get the wind whistle with the face shield in the up position. Otherwise reasonably quiet. What I do like is that it is better ventilated than any other helmet I've owned.

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