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I want to create a 2009 personalized calendar


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i am looking for an on-line calendar program. I know snapfish, shutterfly and others have this capability, I was looking for someone with experience using these programs


for example using shutterfly you cannot enter DOD (date of death), you either use anniversary or other. using other does not allow you to enter the year.


basically I want to load a pic of each person on the month of thier birthday and the front to be a family photo. Most of them can do that it gets more into the ease of use, size of the pic, and adding all the personalized dates that makes one program better than another.


Also when I have it all done, I would love to just be able to enter each family members address and have the calendars printed and mailed directly to the family members home. i.e. instead of having them all come to my house and I have to send out 20 calendars.


if anyone has experience doing this and can give me some information to make this process easier I would appreciate it.

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I made some large calendars last year using Snapfish. I could enter free text on specific dates. I think they turned out really well.


I didn't send those out individually, but I often upload pictures and have prints sent out to several relatives individually. You would probably get a much better discount if you ordered all the calendars at once, but that may not be worth the hassle of sending them out yourself.


Overall I think the quality of prints from Snapfish has only been about a b-, but the calendars were really good.




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Contact Killer on this board about your customized calendars. He started a business about a year ago doing this exact thing.

Last year I used Lulu.com, you can enter any text you like for the pictures and customize the calendar however you like too.
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