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tire ware


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New to this! I have a 1999 1100rt, great bike, almost perfect for me! But front tire seem to wareout rather fast! (5000 miles)Ware is un even almost as if it wobbles off the rubber. But no wobble when I ride.... Is this standard procedure for 1999rt?



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William need more info. How do you ride, aggressive or more laid back. Tire brand affects to mileage. 5-5500 was average when I first got the bike. Last 3 sets I got 8k on Avon Storms.



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aIR pRESSURE?? where is the wear coming from - middle - outside - uneven...?


How are you packing the bike - loaded everytime - with a passenger ??


All sorts of reasons - need more info

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If the tread is disappearing, maybe it should the tire where.


I'm assumming you're not talking about cupping because you get no vibration when riding.

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Be wary when making a first post some where like this board.

Before the locals wear out their welcome and weary you with their pundity, welcome.

Where is the tire wear ing?

Provide some more info and folks every where will help answer your question about tire wear.


Unless, of course, it really is tire ware that you wear.




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When I owned a 1996RT I was lucky to get 5000 miles from Metzlers. I got the old "riding style" excuse from the dealer. My style is slow. My 2006RT is getting 7000-8000 on a front tire..same "riding style". Older RT eat tires IMHO.

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Very creative Tim.


Expected nothing less from a former schoolteacher.


He's really a wiseass and continues to toil daily in a classroom in the backwoods of Florida. :grin:


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William, First of all, welcome to the forum.

Secondly, since the thread has been hijacked, I will try to resurrect it to the original topic, tire wear.


I came across this article that I found very interesting :




I drastically reduced uneven front tire wear on my 99 RT by aligning the forks, simply by making sure that the front axle would slide freely from side to side. Reduced the PTTR as well.

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