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Tech day in Las Vegas?


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Is there any interest in doing one here? Also I don't know about anyone else, but I am pretty handy with a wrench but quite new to BMW so it would be nice if we had a "mentor" for the less comfortable guys.. What do you say guys, can we get this together?

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That is a good idea, Dale may be up for it and I'll have to get ahold of the EMO guys also... Give me a minute and I'll come up with a few dates.

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You might want to contact EffBee on the board about a tech day being held at a dealership (he used to work at Brown's BMW in Pomona, Ca.). His post would give you some guidelines of what a dealership may do or not do for a tech day held at their facility. I would run it by Gina at the dealership and she what says.



I just had a fellow board member over for some work on his bike this past weekend and we had a smashing time. Tech days are a real hoot and the camaraderie is great. GO FOR IT!!!!

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I hosted a tech daze at my house several years ago and it was a blast. Despite my wifes table cloth being shredded by a run away dremel tool :wave: Hi Bob.


I'd love to head to Vegas for a tech daze. I need to replace the brake fluid and was shown how to do the job in all circuits on my 03 GS, but quickly forgot. I am sure I could remember with some help and support from others. Plus I don't have a mini-stan to do the job.


Throw some dates out there and hopefully I will be able to fit it into my schedule.

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Weekend in Vegas? :/

What part of town you at?



While I'm certanly no "mentor" , I have done a few brake flush and TB syncs on oilheads to help out.


That would also mean I gotta ride 'cross DV to get there!



Tough decisions :grin:

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Despite my wifes table cloth being shredded by a run away dremel tool :wave: Hi Bob.


jEST rEMIMBERR.... dA Sowred iS Meatier den da piN.


Not reeally for me but is is for killer :grin:

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