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GSA the 1st 800 miles


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After 800 miles on the GSA I find the following:


Definitely not an RT


Does have that boxer grunt


Bars are too low and seat to high


W/S sucks....BIG time


Very flickable


Has the fuel range I crave


The seat is a 4 x4 disguised as a seat, actually it is a torture device, 2 hrs on it and I want to off myself


The instruments are easy to see/read


Boxes are HUGE and worth every penny


It is affected by the wind/trucks etc to a disappointing degree


Tires feel very good in the curves


The ground clearance is exceptional


Fuel consumption at the moment is about 43 mpg


Surely the swiss army knife of bikes, but i don't see what all the hype and price is about? My 08 KLR ran just as smooth at 90 MPH as the GSA


I do like the GSA for a variety of reasons, however, I can see a love hate relationship developing already. The lower wind protection is awesome, my torso got really beat up today by the winds here in AZ. Pretty bad......don't see how people ride them thousands of miles with that seat and w/s. I put a laminar lip on the w/s and it did ZERO for wind protection, actually I think it is worse?


So it will take me a few more miles to figure this beast out...hopefully I won't file for divorce before the first year with her.....


If anyone has any ideas about seats etc...let me know!! Looking for new seat at the moment. Arghhh.......where is that K1300 at?????? :dopeslap:


Signed up for the GSA site, but don't think those folks are as friendly over there?




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I now have about 1900km on my 08 GSA.

I love it! I am not too keen on the windshield either. Lots of buffeting. Up, down. There must be a 1000 entries about this problem on the forum. I also disliked the seat. A lot. I felt that I was sitting on a dead dog. Not very comfortable. A general pain. Then I set the front high and back low......TaDa!!! Not so bad. It sort of creates a pocket back there. I wasn't squirming after 60 miles. The owners manual (I read it!)says that the seat may fly off if you don't install it equally. We will see. Anyway try this and see if it works for you.

Love the handling of this bike. Miss my ST4S. No more road racer. The Bimmer is great fun.

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Dave, we need to talk and compare at Silver City. I don't see any of the problems you speak of and I moved from a 12RT to the GSA and put 25K on it in less than a year.

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Your 2 main complaints are the same 2 that kept me from buying one. However, there are a lot of gravel roads around here that I'd love to explore a little more.


Take a look at the Cal Sci windscreen. Cal Sci The concept works great on my RT. Nearly zero turbulenece. It looks a little strange...but so does hte entire bike. It's a little wider and imitates the coverage provided by the "winglets" on the Adv. model.


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Somehow I was disappointed every time I rode a GS. Too much wind on upper body. Legs out in the open also.

I also dislike its "loose feeling".


I want to like the GS but cannot figure out what is the big deal.


PS. I ride a 07 GT.

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I guess I got lucky

The GSA is the perfect motorcycle for me

Has all the wind protection I want, windscreen is perfect

Winglets and tank give me as much wind buffeting protection as my RT

And way better ventilation on hot days

Like the lighter weight and no combersome fairings

Like the ergos and handlebar leverage

I have great after market shocks (Wilburs) on my RT and the GSA suspension is twice as good

Best twisties motorcycle I have ever had (even beats the BUSA )

The one and only grip, the seat, is easily fixed

I have a Russell on my RT, best seat by far

Decided to test a Sargent because they have 30 day guarantee

I like the looks and better weather proofness, have to have rain cover for Russell

As good as the Russell is, the Sargent driver seat is close enough, all day comfort after 1000 mile breakin. My wife likes the Sargent passenger seat better than her Russell on the RT

I can't even think of anything that could make this motorcycle better

Oh yea, better gas mileage without loss of power (get 43 mpg now)



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I can't even think of anything that could make this motorcycle better


I love mine but I CAN think of one thing that would make it better. "Real Cruise Control!!!" I did go with Ohlins and believe they are surperior. Only problem with Ohlins is that it raised the bike another inch!!!

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Only problem with Ohlins is that it raised the bike another inch!!!


So John, that really was a stepladder I saw lashed to your bike in Torrey in May. :wave:

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Only problem with Ohlins is that it raised the bike another inch!!!


So John, that really was a stepladder I saw lashed to your bike in Torrey in May. :wave:

Yep, When I first got the bike, I could almost flat-foot with the Sargent "low" seat and I thought that was really great. Then I "upgraded" to Ohlins and even with the "low" seat, I'm on my toes. I've gotten used to it and am willing to live with it. Besides with a ~9 gal tank, I don't have to stop much!!!

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Have a look over here .......... www.ukgser.com - you might get some insight from some o these guys ,




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Dude....... Your on the wrong bike. Either you get this bike the minute you ride or you struggle to love it until the honeymoon is over and file for divorce. I loved this bike the minute I got on it. Each to his own, thats why they make different models, we all have different ideas of what a bike should be/do. Better luck with the K1300GT.

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Sounds like we want to get you an RT come May 09 :grin:


Woops, I seem to be confusing my Arizona friends..... sorry !

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