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Won't Start


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Just got back to my winter home, and my K12S which has been unused for some time won't start. The battery is fully charged....it was on a battery tender the full time in storage. When I turn the key on, the display just flutters and does not got through the checks. I checked the battery terminals...they are clean and the connections are tight. I even disconnected and reconnected the battery.


I am due to take it in for service on Wednesday, but will probably have to get a tow.


Any thoughts?



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The battery is fully charged


How is it that you know this?


If you have a volt meter check the voltage.


...will probably have to get a tow.


Or a new battery.

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I agree with Mr Sweet Pea. Your battery is probably toast. I have heard of more than one instance where long term use of a battery tender can have detrimental effects on batteries. Or, you battery just died like they have a tendency to do. Either way, I would be willing to bet that a new battery will cure your problem. <<<<>>>>>

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You did the best you could. I have 5 Battery Tenders attached to various vehicles full time. Never seen one fail. Some of my batteries are over 8 years old and the BT has kept them like new.

Like Ed suggested, put a meter on the battery and see what you have for voltage both key off and key on.

If you just used a generic trickle charger, all bets are off. They will kill a battery with long term use.



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