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Gas tank vacuum and stuck fuel guage


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Just back from a great 5 day ride on my trusty 96 1100RT (40K-50K mileage) down the Blue Ridge Parkway and Tenn area. Great riding but had a new experience on day two.


I went to fill the tank which was about 1/3 full. I had a tough time pulling open the gas cap, a vacuum was in the tank. The lid popped clear after the seal was broken. I refilled and started fine. Upon riding I discovered the gauge was stuck at the same 1/3 position. From then on I continue to experience the vacuum condition every time I fill...and no movement on the gas gauge although the bike ran like a champ (like it always does!). This was right after a long day of wet weather riding...though don't know if that has anything to do with it.


Any suggestions?



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Al, the usual problem is a plugged evap can.. That is also the tank vent.. When the tank internals go to negative pressure (vacuum) it collapses the fuel gauge sender tube so it can’t then function correctly..



The fix is to replace or remove the evap canister (that black can hanging off the rear side of the bike).. Most just remove it & trash can it but if you are a tree hugger you can spend big $$$ on a new or used one..


Then re-route the tank vent line into the canister atmosphere line (comes out behind the R/H foot peg)


Then plug off the evap system vacuum solenoid valve (or just plug the fitting on the bottom of the TBI units) ..


Then remove the fuel tank gauge sender unit from the tank,, then drill a couple of holes in the side of it (side of the tube itself),, then use a long skinny drift through those holes to pound the sender unit tube back to somewhat round again (not complicated as it sounds)..







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Sounds like you have a plugged charcoal cannister. This leads to the vacuum in the tank, which causes the fuel level float tube to colapse, jamming the float or limiting its range of movement.


Here is a link to an earlier thread on the problem and how to repair it.



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Yeah, I hear ya!


At least Twisty did say, "The fix is to replace or remove the evap canister." (Color emphasis mine.)

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