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Wiring Diagrams/ Diagnostics


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I just recently purchased an 04 1150 RT-P that had been down as a project. Because of the police accesories there are a lot of dead-end wires that have been cliped and extra switches on the handle bars. Does anyone know of a website that has diagrams of these bikes or even a diagram of just the essentials that stay? Also, RT's and RT-P's are basically the same right?

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Hello there,


Yes, RT and RT-p are basically the same. notable differences are the fan on the oil cooler of the rt-p and the shorter 6 gear.

diagrams of the police add-ons can be found at bmw authority website:



HTH, Daniel

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No, they're not the same. The wiring harness is vastly different, and a source of continued research and occasional frustration.


Each department has it's own add-on requirements, and those are wired whichever way the installer felt at the time. Add in the variability of the way the de-installer clipped and cut, and you end up with an almost unique wiring arrangement.


Additional differences: bigger alternator, second battery, different wiring harness.




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