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Scala Rider Q2 with MP3


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Hello, folks.


Anybody use the Scala Rider Q2 with MP3? If so, what is your review of it. My main consideration is the bluetooth phone and listening to my MP3.

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MP3 on the Scala Q2 via Bluetooth is awful. It only supports bluetooth V 1.2 which is mono. If you use a cable from your MP3 player to the jack on the Scala it will be better, but the Scala is not stereo, it is dual mono. I like my Sacla, but I got it to hear my Zumo, phone and pillion. It does have a built in FM reciever, but alas, dual mono.

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MP3 on the Scala Q2 via Bluetooth is awful. It only supports bluetooth V 1.2 which is mono. If you use a cable from your MP3 player to the jack on the Scala it will be better, but the Scala is not stereo, it is dual mono. I like my Sacla, but I got it to hear my Zumo, phone and pillion. It does have a built in FM reciever, but alas, dual mono.


Actually, that's not true. The Bluetooth connection and FM receiver on the Scala is mono. But if you have the new version that allows you to plug your MP3 player into an 1/8 inch plug, that connection will be stereo.


From the website: "In addition, you can also connect your MP3 player via the enclosed cable and listen to your favorite tune in full stereo."


I have a Q2 and love it for the phone features. People cannot tell that you are on a motorcycle when you are talking to them. The only thing I don't like is the speakers. They have plenty of volume, but don't sound that great. I'm probably going to cut mine off and add an adapter so I can use my earbuds instead.

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Mr. Gillie is correct. I have the newer version of the Scala helmet clamp that has the stereo input jack. I can plug any device into the jack and get true stereo into my helmet. I have used a couple of different MP3 players, and I even pluged my satalite radio, audio out, into it. It works well, but will not give you "ear bud quality" sound. That, in my opinion, is a double edged sward. If you have both ears plugged in, listening to stereo sound, you can't hear what's going on around you. If you use the speakers, you can hear ambient, road sounds, (horns, other cars, engine abnormal sounds) but your music sound quality suffers. That, (again, in my opinion) is the better option. I'm a musician so sound quality is very important to me, but while I'm riding, my surroundings are more important than anything; especially while I'm commuting through traffic. Sorry to ramble. Just my $.02.

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Thanks for the feedback. Are you guys satisfied with the bluetooth phone capability and its build quality? I found some reviews that are mostly good, and the latest version does seem to have worked out some of the past issues.

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I stand corrected on the mp3 input. I haven't actually tried that yet. The Bluetooth phone capability (at least connected via my Zumo) is excellent. Build quality seems to be very good as well. No regrets.

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I am very satisfied with the bluetooth capability. I have mine hooked up to a Samsung Ace. No problems at all. In fact, one day I stopped by my office to pick something up. While I was inside - about 75 feet away from my bike - the phone rang and I carried an uninterrupted conversation while on the bluetooth.


Battery power has been excellent for me. I did a 1,000-mile day with it on the whole time, and the battery never ran out. I only had it hooked up to my phone. Can't say how long it would last if you were using the radio, or had it hooked up to a gps that was giving voice directions all day.


A couple of days before the 1,000-mile ride, I did a 700-mile day with rain most of the day. No problems at all. I even did a radio interview at highway speeds in the rain, and they had no idea I was on my bike.


The volume is also excellent. Right now, I wear in-ear headphones to listen to my iPod or Sirius, and I use the Q2's speakers for phone calls. All I have to do is pause what I'm listening to and I can hear the Q2 through the earbuds. Just make sure the volume on your phone is turned up, as well as the volume on the Q2.


If you want to use the FM radio feature, I would recommend setting the presets in a place that you know has good reception. It's also not a bad idea to have another radio that has a display with you. That way you know what station your on.


The only thing I wish I could change is the mounting system. I'm sure it mounts perfectly on about 90% of the helmets out there. I have a Nolan N-102, and the design of the bottom of the helmet is not ideal for the Q2's mounting system. It has never fallen off, and I don't think it will. It just moves around a little when I put my helmet on, or take it off.

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Sounds like we have had the same issues/experiences with the Scala. I'm not crazy about the mounting system either. It's different on this one than it was on my original (non input jack) mount. But, it seems to hold fine, just not as firmly as the old one.

I've been pretty happy with the bluetooth feature. I use a Blackberry Pearl. I do get an occasional loss of BT device, but I'm not sure if it's phone or headset related. I normally just cycle power on the headset and it will re-handshake.

The new one has a longer mic, which, I think is better.

Battery life is absolutley amazing. For such a small device, I don't know how it has that much capacity. I ride 140 miles a day, (sometimes 4 hours riding time) to and from work. I can go all week without putting the thing on the charger, even with some fairly long winded conversations. My wife and I took a trip earlier this year about 500 miles round trip, carried on way too much conversation along the way, spent 2 nights, and 3 days total, and never plugged in. No battery issues what so ever.

I can't speak to the FM capability since I don't have the Q2.

The bottom line is, for the money, I don't know how you can beat them. For my money, it's one of my top 5 accessories.

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I know this is not Blue Tooth but for the money (somewhere around $175.00 or so ) it is the BEST.I have even left it on for 2 weeks and still have not changed out the battery ( 2 AA )now going on 3 months and using the same batteries.And the sound is Excellent clear. Really enjoy using this. GPS,XM Radio, I-Pod,Cell,Walkie Talkie are all hooked up to the MotoComm.





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The RiderLink ST-1 is a complete intercom, communications and audio system for the driver and passenger of a motorcycle or powersport vehicle.




The RiderLink ST-1 includes everything a rider needs to immediately start enjoying communications and audio. The ST-1 comes complete with a full-duplex intercom, a built-in FM radio, 2 universal headsets that work in both full-face and open-face helmets, and all necessary cables and adapters to create the perfect communications and audio system for your bike.




The RiderLink ST-1 features an intelligent priority circuit that automatically mutes and mixes the audio signals for handsfree operation. With the ST-1 you can use your wireless phone, 2-way radio, radar detector, and external music source to make your next ride that much better.




Riderlink ST-1 Features and Specifications:


· COMPLETE SYSTEM – Nothing Extra to Buy!!


· Driver – Passenger Full Duplex Intercom


· Both Driver and Passenger Helmet Headsets Included – Each helmet headset comes with both full-face and open-face style microphones!


· Music Grade Speakers with Excellent Bass Response


· Music Input with Built-In Amplifier (Adapter Cable Included)


· Mobile Phone Input with Adapter Cable Included


· 2-Way Radio Input with 2 Adapter Cables and PTT Switch Included – compatible with Motorola, Cobra, Midland and many other 2-way radio brands


· Radar Detector / GPS Audio Input – Adapter Cable Included


· Built-In FM Radio with Seek and Volume Controls


· Auto Music Mute Circuit and Microphone Sensitivity Control


· All Adapter Cables and Extension Cables Included and Removable When Not in Use


· All Mini DIN Connections Feature Weatherproof Moldings


· Durable Mounting Strap with High Impact Plastic Buckles


· Portable Battery Powered Unit – Uses 2 AA Batteries


· Main Unit Measures 2.75” wide x 4” tall x approx. 1” thick

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Paul Szilard - Australia

I find that ear-bugs give me severe ear ache if used for more than 15 minutes, so if you are planning to buy expensive units, make sure your are ok wearing them for long periods.


Also putting helmet on can displace them.


Just my 2 cents' worth...

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