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Agua Caliente Campground Camping 10/31, 11/1, 11/2


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Hello All

Sorry for the short notice but is was planned yesterday morning over breakfast at the Lookout Restaurant on Ortega Hwy. Jerry Mather you should have been there. I saw more Ducs there than I have ever seen at the Lookout before.



Ok, back on point. Me and some of my riding buddies are going camping at Agua Caliente state Park on S2 in eastern San Diego Co. this coming weekend (10/31-11/2). Not sure how many campers at this point. Bill and me are leaving Orange Co. Friday afternoon and should be there by 6-7pm. We have campsite #129 reserved. The park is wide open at this point so you can just ride down or make a reservation. The county of S.D. has just spent $2M upgrading the facilities which includes a new pool (hotspring fed), decks, and upgraded the rangers housing from what I understand. The weather is supposed be perfect. Lows of 55 and highs of 89. We will probably do some hiking on Saturday. Not sure yet but we will figure it out. So if you are up for some camping and soaking in the hot springs come on down. OH yeah, DON'F FORGET YOUR SWIMSUIT!!

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