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When was the last time you shopped at SAKs?


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Uh, Sharon... did you forget who's on this board? :)


(And for the record, the last time I was in a Saks was June of 2005 when my X and I were in Manhattan.)

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When I was a young boy, my Newsstand in NYC was not to far from saks 5th ave. But I must say then and for now, their selections never appealed to me. I have always thought that looking expensive is just bad taste. You can look really great and unique without wearing your bank account. My only memory of going into Saks was when my mom, grandmother, and Aunt would take me to NYC when I was a little boy and they would take me into saks. I was convinced at the time that this is what hell would be like. I immediately started behaving myself in hope that I would never have to visit hell again.

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Not since Barney's opened.


Don't have either in my neck of the woods but we do have a Nordstrom and, while the prices are a bit high, the quality of the goods reflects the pricing.

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I looked up the closest one to me on their website. Seems there is one in San Francisco's Union Square. Never been there, high end glamor has never been part of my life. After wearing uniforms all my life, I prefer the scruffy t-shirt and blue jean look. Now if they sold tools, I'm all over it.

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