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Props to Mikko!


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Less than two weeks after getting me a DR200 that sat broken and busted for 7 years, Mikko had my little DR running and looking sweet (both bike and guy!). So today we did some off-rode riding at Metcalf, the closest motorcycle park.


Tally at the end of the day…….two lost tie-downs, one bruised she-calf, broken DR turn signal, and one bucket of sweat from Mikko who had to haul my bike uphill (and downhill) after I crashed.










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We took the turn signals off of Lisa's DR200 pretty much right off the bat...well....after the first ride when one broke, that is. :grin:



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Ok Mikko, I think she's ready for Gunsight Pass!!


I bet she is. I'm not.... :)


And about removing the turn signals. Yeah, we are working on that. Only three more to go. :grin:

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