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Mt Hood & The Autumn Folliage


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My ride of the week took me around Mt Hood using Highway 35 out of Hood River, OR. The total ride was 175 miles of Autumn wonder. The golden leaves were literally snowing on me as I enjoyed the 55 degree temperature & a bright blue sky. Tremendous Ride & day! There's an even better one forecast for tomorrow but that's another story......







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Great picks Bob. Really nice. My dog and I go play in the waterfalls for a few minutes on the weekend up off old gorge highway. Great Pics

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I use a Nikon D40X with an 18-55mm Nikkor zoom & a Quanteray circular polarizing filter. The filter maks the clouds & skies stand out & enriches the colors.

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Beautiful shots, Bob! I can't believe how much snow is on the mountain. Our mountains have barely a dusting.


It was a trip to see skiing up there in July when I went to the UN this year. It was a day of waking up on the beach, wine country, lunch in Portland, watching the skiing on Mt. Hood, and 100+ heat going through some valleys on my way to John Day. It was the most diverse day I have ever had.

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Were you shooting at a relatively slow sppeed to get that depth of field and separation of the trees and the mountain behind or did the filter make that difference?



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This was shot with a 18-55mm Nikkor zoom at 5.6 fstop at 1/160th of a sec. The filter adds contrast to dissimilar lighting so that effect could have be aided by the polarizer.

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