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Check that license plate mount


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Just thought I would pass this along....I am getting ready for a multiple day ride and as I was going over the bike last night I noticed that where the license plate mounts to the fender it seemed a bit loose...I also have a helmet lock back there so that may be a bit of a factor....anyway long story short I pulled the plate and found that the metal piece between the plate and the fender is cracked about 1/2 way across (starting on both side)....not sure if it would have made it the entire trip or not, but if it did break the plate would be gone for sure....YMMV....




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I had mine break all the way off. I would have never found it if a nice lady in a suv had not have told me that it fell off. I had to go back about a mile to get it. She followed me to make sure that I located it. I also had a helet lock mounted on it. I ended up removing the original plate bracket and using only the helmet lock bracket. The helmet lock bracket that was on mine was the size of a full license plate.

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