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Turn signal for the memory impaired


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I am one of those people who forget half the time to cancel my turning signal. :dopeslap: After looking at products from supliers from ranging from timed cancelling to some fancy audio units I had decided to solve the problem much cheaper and just as effective as follows.


I purchased two 12v piezo beepers at a local electronics store. They are about the diameter of a quarter and 3/4 in. high. I chose the type with the + / - leads instead of the type made for direct circuitboard mounting. This gave me about 4" of lead to make the connections directly to the turn signal lamp wires inside of the rearview mirror housings. I bought two units because I didn't want to mess around with the wire bundle under the relay and because it's so simple to connect at the signal lamps.Then I put a piece of double sided tape on the underside of the beeper and just stuck it to the inside of the mirror housing en presto, an intermittent audio signal when the turn signal lamps are flashing.


The beepers cost 3 euro each and the total time to install was about 30 minutes. The beepers were pretty loud so I put a piece of electrical tape over them so they didn't wake up the whole neighborhood. Now I hope I don't lose my hearing and have to install joy buzzers into the handgrips as well :)

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Good solution.


When I had my RT I did something similar, but different. I purchased a pair of yellow LED's from Hyperlites. Each is 8 LED's, two rows of four. At $40, they're more expensive than piezo beepers, but they serve a dual function, one of which is enhanced conspcuity and safety when lane changing.


I mounted them with double-sided tape to the bottom of the mirror housing, angling them outward at about 15 degrees. Then I drilled a small hole in the bottom of the mirror casing, installed grommets and ran the wires in through each grommet. I put piggy-back spade connectors on them, unplugged the turn signal leads coming from the bike, plugged the piggyback connectors from the LED's into the turn signal bulb housing, then connected the leads from the bike onto the spare spades on the piggyback connectors.


Not only did I have a VERY bright visual that I could not ignore (I could clearly see the LED's in my field of vision), but the LED's served both as an extra turn signal, and one which got the attention of cars in adjacent lanes who might be too forward to notice my rear turn signal.


Problem solved. Advantage gained.

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The Hyperlites LED's mirror mounted is a great idea. I had a near miss with a Mercedes driver who actually believed that my flashing right hand turn signal was intentional. That come to Jesus moment led me to the Kisan Signalminder ... a GREAT addition to the RT.


I have mine set for 7 seconds before auto-cancel. In addition, 1. they allow my turn signals to burn at a dimmed level as additional running lights

2. they also have a 'fast flash' feature if you hold the turn button down

3. Push once for on, again for off (or use the cancel button)

4. Push left and right simultaneously to activate hazards


Most settings are programmable ... Love the Kisan!!

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