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Fuel tank and fuel filter removal instructions


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I am preparing to replace the fuel hoses on my '02 RT. I was hoping to be able to do so withoiut removing the tank, but it's pretty clear that was wishful thinking. So while I have the tank off I might as well replace the fuel filter too.


I have found a few documents containing write-ups on tank and filter removal/replacement (for example External Fuel Filter Modification R1100/850 and BMW motorbike R1150RT.zip ) but I am curious what other guides you folks have found useful.


Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

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hey and I just got my tank back on. I used the shop manual available at www.bmwmc.net. You don't have to drain all the gas but anything more than half full will cause problems. Also the filler cap can leak a little if you keep it on its side too long ILTHW. Also the gas will slosh around form one side to the other throwing off the weight distribution. The geometry of the tank make it worse. I thought about doing the external conversion but decided against it. With the exception of the intake tube there is only one bolt holding the tank on. BE CAREFULL THERE IS A NUT BEHIND IT THAT WILL FALL OFF INTO THE BIKE IF YOU DON'T CATCH IT.


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I used two references while replacing my fuel filter:


The "Tech Daze Manual" written by Mitchell P. Patrie (A.K.A. Joe Frickin' Friday).


Some photos, without captions, taken by the owners of the site and posted some time back.



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Do the External Filter thing!! I did..great idea. I changed it a bit, used a short piece of copper tube (plumbing supply) to "replace" the filter inside the tank. Seemed a bit more "sanitary". You can reuse the clamps if careful removing them. Short nose side cutter type pliers work to pry them open a bit to loosen and remove, and to squeeze them back to re-install.

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