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XM Navweather


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Anyone tried out XM's new Navweather service yet? Looks like $3 or $4 instead of $30 a month for the older WX marine weather service. The XM folks say it works on Zumo too.

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Wasn't aware of it...

Will check it out over the weekend.

(Currently subscribe to the WX Master Mariner)



Appears to only be available with certain new vehicles...

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Well, glad you posted this as it made me curious enough to spend some time on the phone with XM.....

Bottom line is that if you have a 376C (Hey Michael....), it will work to the extent that it will show pretty pictures of the weather on the screen. I was told that in comparison to the cheapest weather package for the marine side of XM weather, it is a step backwards....actually a couple of steps backwards. It also does not re-route you around weather cells....I think you have to have the newer hardware that is coming in the new vehicles to get that feature. And with 5 minute NexRad radar updates, it can only be so accurate.

I guess ya gets what ya pays for....

So, I'll be stuck with the XM Weather packages here...

Hope this helps a little.....




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I just got a renewal notice from XM. It said the Navweather was an option for the Zumo. Of course, XM could be wrong but the notice was what raised the question. I may give them a call but just hate dealing with typical customer service in India or who knows where. Would be significantly cheaper than your Master Mariner even if not as full featured.

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Thanks for the input Heck. I just went to the Zumoforum site and did a search for Navweather. The consensus there was that it would not run on the Zumo. Guess XM made a mistake. Too bad, I really don't want weather bad enough to spend $29 a month, but $3 would be doable. After all, I live in Arizona and we don't have extreme variability in our weather, but I do travel to Colorado often enough for a weather service to be useful.

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Thanks, Heck.

Sounds like I'll stay with what I've got. It's a waste some of the time, but I travel in marginal enough conditions often enough to justify to me the price I'm paying...

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I went to the website, and frankly don't see what it is they're offering. I have the WX weather service now (need to remember to put it on "end of season" until spring). I don't get what the navweather is offering...is it satellite weather, or something else?


Thx...I'll call XM if I have to; their CS is usually pretty good, usually a lady in Alabama or somewhere.

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Nice n Easy Rider
I've got the $4 a month Weather/Traffic from XM on my Zumo. It will route you around traffic and give you weather warnings, show weather map (local and national), current temp (of closest airport), forecast, temp and forecast of destination and maybe some other stuff. It's not like the weather channel, but handy.




Is that $4/month in addition to a regular monthly fee for XM? Can you get only the Weather/Traffic? Thanks.

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I have the Weather/Traffic option on my XM/Zumo as well. If you go to the weather screen it will show your position on the map and any weather events nearby. You can zoom in to get details on any location. You get the local temperature on the main screen and you can get the local forcast for your area. If there is a weather event on your planned route or near your location it will give you a warning and an option to get more info. It has warned me on several occasions and given my an opportunity to put on my rain gear when I wouldn't have noticed it from looking up at the sky.


The service is $4 extra on you XM subscription.

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I found that the marine products from XM don't work on the Zumo 550. Tried like heck with no luck. I like the Nexrad maps but no go, bummer

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