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Just received Photoshop CS4. I have Windows XP Professional on my Dell computer, with a CD R/W and a DVD drive. There are 2 CDs in the package, a CS4 install CD as well as a "Learning Adobe Creative Suite 4" install CD.


The problem: My CD or DVD drive does not recognize that I've inserted the CS4 install CD or the accompanying Learning Adobe Creative Suite 4 CD. They act like there's nothing in either drive. My daughter's Apple laptop acknowledges both, and she can install both. The CS4 install CD clearly states Windows, and the Learning Adobe CD states MAC OS/Windows. The drives acknowledge my Photoshop CS2 install CD as well as my Adobe Elements 3 install CD, so they both work.

Can anyone give me a hand with this? I haven't tried calling Adobe yet, because I imagine it will be somewhat of a nightmare.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Can you see the drives in windows explorer?


Could be the autorun file is not starting.


If you can browse the contents of the disk, just look for the setup.exe file and double click it.

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The install disc is going to be a DVD. The 'learning' disc probably is as well, but I've never even taken one of those out of the package....


If your daughter can 'install' them (presumably in a Windoze emulator, or 'Boot Camp') then there's nothing wrong with the disc. If she's able to install the software under OS X, then either the disc is a mis-labelled Mac disc, or Adobe is just making one disc with both installers on it.


If you pop in the CD, and it 'isn't recognized' do you mean that nothing 'pops up' or that you've checked the drive (D, E, or whatever it happens to be) by opening up the "My Computer" service? (Double click on the My Computer icon.)



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Thank you, guys. I've double clicked on My Computer and clicked on the drives. The drive windows appear but there's nothing there, and the drives don't sound like they're operating- no noise. I can't see the contents of the discs.

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Know anybody with an external USB-connected CD/DVD drive you can borrow? Sounds like yours is calibrated a bit off compared to the disc.

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Since you already have verified that your drives (CD and DVD) work with other disks and that the disks work in a different computer (a Mac in this case) it's probably just a poorly pressed CD. I've seen a few which had trouble being read by certain drives. It's pretty rare, but it does happen.


One thing you might try to confirm it is to try to copy the entire cd onto the Mac. If it has a problem reading any of the disk, it'll fail in the process. Also, you could try to burn a copy of the disk on the Mac, then try to run the copy on the PC.


If all that fails, you will probably have to contact Adobe. If that's the case, prepare to speak a little Indian english.

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Thanks, everyone. I'll try and find someone with an external CD/DVD drive. I hope that's it. Otherwise, I'll try and copy the disc onto a Mac, and if successful, run the copy on my PC. Other otherwise, I'll bone up on my Indian english. I've dealt with an Indian before when I had a problem with my Dell, and although it was a bit of a struggle at times to understand, he was wonderful, and fixed the problem after 2 1/2 hours on the phone. He even sent a follow-up email, which he closed with his full name, then "Ferdinando" (in quotation marks) immediately after. Don't know where that came from.

And Ed, even though it's an upgrade from my CS2, it cost $215 so I'll stick with it as long as I can.


Thanks again.




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