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Signs, signs, everywhere signs....


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Id like to help you out here frank, but Im not sure where your going here with this sign thing. Nice picture of a sign though.

Ok, my favorite sign is here in Portland and it says

"A pet for every man woman and child"

Signing off for now. :D

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This is along a small cul-de-sac turnaround area on the Halifax waterfront - on Thursdays (and apparently pretty much any nice summer evening, according some local bike folk I met there on Tuesday night), the local riders come down, socialize, hang out. There's a restaurant with an outdoor patio there, on Thursday nights in the summer they have a live band. The night I was there, there were maybe 35-40 bikes there at any given time with people arriving and leaving continually. Very cool!


Just thought I'd share....(by the time I got the picture thing working last night I was distracted by a shiny object and so didn't explain the picture)

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