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Heated Seat retro install?


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Hi all,


Does anyone know if you can retro install heated seats? The BMW plugs are in place under the seat to plug them in; would it be possible to buy and fit the switch on the right handlebar and the software display would magically recognise they are fitted?


I'm asking for a lot but you never know? My bike has heated grips - so there is a small blanking plate where the heated seat switch would go. I am hoping underneath that plate the wiring loom is in place for a connection.


Thanks for any help.

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Hi simbad, and welcome.

I am a little confused when you say the BMW plugs are in place -

Which bike do you have? It helps with responses if you put it in your profile.

Whatever bike you have, there is always a way to get heated seats, whether you use BMW items (dependant again on your model), or an aftermarket supplier such as Corbin.

You can also get heated pads and get them cut to shape and after removing the OE covering of your saddles, the pads are secured, then the OE covers refitted.

The wiring is also do-able but you may have to produce your own loom.

The switch would probably have to be a seperate item.

Keep us posted.


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My understanding is that all the wiring is in place. You need the correct grip switch assembly AND a dealer needs to re-program the ZFE module to know heated seats are installed.

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Yes you can buy the entire switch ass'y, including the version that contains the seat switch. There are different part numbers for the grip switch assemblies depending upon which options the particular bike has.


ISFA as ease of installation, that’s kind of in the eyes of the beholder, right? Easy to do for some people, impossible for others.


Reprogramming of the ZFE module must be done by the dealer. I can't speak for the one you might use, but 1 hour of shop time would seem like about right.


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Its possible. One fella here has done it. Do a search for the thread.


Bottom line for me was it was MUCH more expensive to try and do it using all BMW factory parts. I chose aftermarket seats and a Gerbings permanently mounted temp controller... saved a lot of cash.


Here's a pic of where I mounted the controls.


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I bought a m/c heated seat pad kit from Aerostsitch and had a coach trimmer stitch it into a matching vinyl cover ($22) I cut off the switch, fuse and most of the cabling it came with and put a BMW plug on the end. The Canbus runs it quite happily from the socket, which becomes the ON/OFF switch, on the LHS fairing. Glued some non slip matting underneath (it also fits perfectly inside my Airhawk cover)


You may be able to get it direct and cheaper, without the electrical bits'n, pieces from the manufacturer here in MI



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