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Topcase lock problem


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I bought a used topcase for my 1200rt and it arrived with a lock cylinder installed but no key. It's in the unlocked position and I can open and close it but I cant release the install/remove tabs without the key. Any ideas? Can a locksmith make a key for it?



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There's some way to get that cylinder keyed to your existing key. My dealer did it in their shop in less than five minutes, when I bought a top box as a previosuly-uninstalled option on a new RT, but I didn't see exactly how.

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Bought it from a guy out of state from this board. he has sold the bike back to the dealer and the dealer has since resold it (it was keyed to the bike and all keys went with the bike when sold). We are trying to contact the owner and get him to loan me a key.

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My dealer says it's "policy" not to get keys for anyone but the owner...

I have however contacted the new owner and he wiil send me a key.. Whew!!! BMW owners RULE!!

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