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Greetings to all...I ran into a member of yours recently in a bike shop in Maryland. He begged and pleaded me to sign up and join this group. He mentioned some contest he would win if he could just sign up 50 more people to the website by the end of October. He also mentioned that if I in turn signed 50 more people up that I could win some prize as well. So here I am signing up - and will hopefully have 50 more people soon!

All kidding aside - I am a new member who rides an FJR, but happens to really like BMW folk. If I can help it- I ride about 8k a year and usually do a few long 3,5,7 day trips each year. I hit Ashville and the surrounding areas for a week in the spring, and try to ride as time allows.

I live in the Silver Sping area in Maryland and would love to be informed of rides in the area. I have some heated gear and ride most months of the year.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Welcome Dan!

Don't know that you can sell any Amway here but you will find a lot of people get up on their soap box from time to time. Just avoid the tire and oil threads and you'll be fine! :D

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Great, we gots us an Amway member. :dopeslap::dopeslap:


Welcome to the fun Dan!


aWESOME..mine moved away and I'm in need of some soap..! 8^)


(*welcome to this fray, my son - if you hoon on that FJ'er, you'll be in good company here, my friend.- welcome..*)

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Welcome Dan. We've got lot's of members over your way so I'm sure you'll find lots to do and have some fun as well. :thumbsup:


Contrary to what you may have heard, some of us are quite serious on this board . . . I'm not sure where they are right now but I'm sure they'll be along soon.

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Hello again, Dan! I'm glad you decided not to resist but to voluntarily join this group!


Boy, you're sure going to fit right in with our after-ride lies - I mean tales - with what you said about our meeting! :/:grin:


And though I don't yet have heated gear, I ride anyway! We'll have to get together and ride soon.


I'll PM you.

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Welcome. Anyone who rides an FJR can't be all that bad :)


Hopefully we can get together for a ride in the near future. I saw Craig sent you a PM wrt our ride on 2-Nov, hopefully you can make it.



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I didn't know Yamaha made motorcycles. I thought they made pianos. :eek:


Just kidding. Welcome to the board.


No, you've got it wrong. They make guitars. Got 2 of 'em in the music room. Both go 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and the final drive never fails. :dopeslap:

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