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Rose Refugees ...a Texas HC ride cautionary tale


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The original plan for this trip was to go out from San Antonio to Big Bend. When my wife herniated a disk in her back, the trip was shortened to going to Leakey, TX for a few days and take some short trips around the 3 sisters area. Little did we know that we would become refugees by Saturday morning ....


We had booked a cabin at the Drose Inn in Leakey for Fri, Sat and Sun. We left Friday afternoon and arrived at the Drose after the office had closed. The key was waiting for us and we just grabbed it and settled into our cabin. It was a minimalist cabin but was set up nice for motorcyclists with parking directly in front of each cabin. The mattress was not comfortable ... you could feel the springs in your back and, with me and my wife having bad backs, obviously we didn't sleep well.


Next morning we got up and found the owner. She went to the office with us to take care of the financial part. I asked for a couple of extra pillows since we have to sleep with pillows under our knees. She reluctantly agreed to that. Then we asked for new towels...... that tripped her trigger for some reason, she started basically scolding us like we were school children. I never lost my temper (which is good for me) but I told her I didn't appreciate being talked to that way and that we had not said anything out of line. She told us she would let us pay for the one night and we could go elsewhere... I gladly took her up on that. Still, the whole time we were checking out, she was constantly scolding us.


We packed up quickly and headed down the road ... ran across a place called Frio Canyon Lodge and found the owners, Walter and Connie. They had a spare room but it was still being cleaned ... Walter let us store our gear and head out riding for the day and we would be set up when we got back. He asked what had happened and we told him. He never said a bad thing about the Drose but we did ask him if he gets business from them because of this issue.... he just simply said "you aren't the first" and smiled. We headed out for a beautiful day of riding and came back to a nice comfortable room.


That night we went to the restraunt there at the lodge, also owned by Walter and Connie, and had dinner. There we saw the lady that was originally next door to us at the Drose. She had left there also because of similar issues. We were sitting there talking and Walter came up and said with a smile "ahh, here are the trouble makers ... the Rose Refugees". We had a good laugh about that. We all got along really well and we sat around and talked for a long time that night.


The reason I wanted to write this is to share my experiences at the Drose so people would be aware. You might have a totally different experience there, I don't know. But we did meet a few more people on our rides that had a similar experience with Drose so just be cautious.


At the other end of the spectrum, I would highly recommend the Frio Canyon Lodge. The owners are really friendly, down to earth people that don't mind spending time with you and talking.... and we got extra pillows and fresh towels each day :)



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So fella, what seems to be the problem that you need so many pillows and towels.... :grin:


Yeah, I am a trouble maker .... I don't hold back ... I have even been known to ask for a stir stick for my coffee .... I am an ass :)

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I have even been known to ask for a stir stick for my coffee ....

Troublemaker! I bet you even ask for the stir stick before asking for sweetener or creamer :eek::eek::eek:

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Hannabone. I've got a friend looking seriousy at the Triumphs trying to decide between the Sprint or something more along the lines of a "cruiser" any input Would be appreciated. There's a limited budget involved. If we're too far off topic a PM would be appreciated. Thanks

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I was there a few weeks ago. Debbi the owner was not social or nice at all. I mentioned to her that the toilet would not flush properly and she was totally miffed at that. My girl friend left something behind and she was rude concerning it's return.

The day we left she had informed us that we would have to leave by 9am because someone was taking the cabin that evening. Well we returned at about noon that day to try and retrieve my girlfriend's belongings and Debbi was nowhere to be found and there wasn't anyone at the inn.


I have stayed there in the past and things were copasetic but the next time I go to Leakey I will find alternate lodging.

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