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Road info for Los Olivos area


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Heading more or less north outta Los Olivos on Foxen Canyon there is an interesting looking road called Tepusquet Road that heads toward Rt 166. Can ya tell me if it goes thru and is it paved?

Gonna do a lunch run to the Cold Springs Tavern ( above Santa Barbara) in the not too distant future and that looks like a good way to make a loop outta the trip!


(BTW is the Painted Cave worth a look?)

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Tepusquet is 100% paved, although (last I rode it), the RH turn off Foxen was closed for road repairs prox 1/8 mile after the turn necessitating re-routing a bit further to the west before detouring back north. Tepusquet is a great road terminating at Hwy 166, then taken west to Santa Maria or east through New Cuyama to Hwy 33 south to Oai or continuing on to Maricopa and beyond to I5/99. In Los Olivos, get a tasty deli sandwich here: Los Olivos Market


Foxen/Tepusquet was a favorite ride of my good bud who recently died much too soon at age 51 (non-moto health related). A memorial ride through this same area was held on the day I rode back from Torrey this I wasn't there (for the curious, the FJR Forum has quite a tribute to "TWN" TwoWheelNut).



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Tepusquet is one of my favorite roads to ride and the first time I rode on it was one year ago this month. I actually saw a mountain lion on it. Paved and beautiful especially at the summit. We rode it north to south last year.

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It"s been about a year since I have been on that road there was about a 200 ft. part that was gravel. It was marked though as caution. foxen was nice but it was a crusing type of narrow road.

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