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Zega panniers are bully for stout!!!


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I have Zega panniers on my R12 GSA. I actually would have purchased the BMW GSA panniers had I bought the bike new (I like the looks of the BMW better) but I bought it with a few K miles and they already had the panniers. They are pretty "industrial" looking but work very well. I really like the seal on the lid because it is NOT plastic, it is metal. Anyway, comming home from an Air Force reunion I attended in Tucson on Friday, I discovered I was missing one of the lids. I had put an item in the pannier and forgot the latch the front and rear latches. I was about 30 miles out so I got my wife and we went back in the car to look. I figured it had either poped off getting out of the parking lot or whenever I gained enough speed on the interstate to "lift" it off with airflow. Long story short, we spotted the lid a mile or so down the interestate and retrieved it. Upon inspection, it had been run over at least one time with the top handles pushed through the top and bent out of shape quite a bit. I immediately ordered an new lid from TT then started to see if I could fix it sufficient to ride in the near term. Wow, are these lids stout. I used a hammer on a cast iron table (large table saw) and was able to pound it back into shape and re-mount the handles. I straightened the edges and it now fits fine. Not sure its still 100% waterproof but I'm pretty sure it is at least 99% waterproof. I fabbed an new latch (the lid just has a "hook" latch) and re-mounted the lid on the pannier. It looks nearly original and will work fine. On close inspection, you can see where it was pounded flat but from 10 feet away, it looks new. I'm now a real fan of Zegas.

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Yep, love mine too. Get the lid tethers. I have them on mine and they have saved me twice.


I ordered them with the new lid. This is the second time I lost one but the first time it just bounced on down the road and wasn't run over. Zero dammage on the first incedent.

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