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I guess this would be a wrenching question.

Where have you bought a battery on line and were you happy with it.

I just can't pay $135 for a tiny battery.

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Try www.digikey.com.

Great prices, overnight delivery (for me), and I couldn't be happier with the Panasonic AGM battery they supplied. It is now three years old and still has more cranking power than the stock battery did when it was new.

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. . . On the other hand my k75 is on its second BMW lead acid battery in 13 years. Only over the past two winters have I used a tender. The present one has been in since 2000. At that rate the price ain't so bad.

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I found my battery. I was looking in the wrong places. I was checking auto parts stores and when I came up with nothing I looked in the internet. Then I remembered a mom and pop operation in Westbrook, Maine. He said he could drop one off in the morning.

We have an expression up here. "Maine is a small town"


I keep forgetting that the internet doesn't have all the answers.

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