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I took off the training wheels...


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I took off the training wheels of my 6 year old grandsons two-wheeler this weekend. He lives in innercity Los Angeles and can't even ride on the sidewalks there without being at risk. So he can't. He wanted to ride his bike at my house during a rare visit in the country. So down the driveway to the cul-da-sac we headed with the training wheels off at my behest. He has never ridden without the training wheels. He took to it like a duck to water. Okay, he fell a lot, checked his knees, and did it again many times as he tried to turn the bike. So after awhile of watching him crash I gave him the tip. Countersteering ain't something a 6 year old is going to grasp but he did get this one, "Look where you want to go". Look left to turn left, look right turn right. Once he figured I was on to something he did it well. Gramps was proud. But the icing on the cake was later after the bike was put away I asked him what he learned about turning the bike. He said, "Keep looking in the direction I want the bike to go." :grin:

Now I have to work on the braking!

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