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Snow will come soon... need motorcycle cover


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I have to put the family bikes away for the winter soon and would appreciate anyone's recommendations on quality covers that I can purchase online or may be available in Canada. Don't have to withstand snow and rain but would like to have something durable that can withstand dirt, moisture and cold. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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After too many years to count, I gave up on the bike cover thing. Since I ride all year long, I got tired of having to wait for the bike to cool some before covering it, go in to get the cover out of the house so I can cover it and then when removing the cover, having to go back in the house to store it.


Also after a couple of seasons the cover starts to damage the finish on the bike where it contacts it, especially if it gets windy where you live. I don't like covering a dirty bike because it will get the inside of the cover dirty leading to more damage to the finish.


Since I don't have a garage to keep my bike out of the elements, I went out and got a Cycle Shell to store the bike. I keep it on the side of the house and all I have to do is park the bike on it and pull the top of it over the bike and lock it. No waiting for the bike to cool off, no having to go to and from the house with the cover. Real easy. I have mine bolted down but it folds up and is easy to move if needed.

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Thanks guys! I'm really liking these ideas since the Cycle Shell and the Rideinn products take into account the need to handle wind and snow load. No I don't think they are overkill at all. Certainly better than a regular cover out in the open. I will definitely talk to the folks at both suppliers. The areostich would be really good to travel with.

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Since you say it doesn't have to withstand rain and snow, can we assume that it's covered in some way? If so, I'm with Al. I tried the cover thing and wound up hating it. Also, IMO, it's worse than having your bike under some type of garage, overhang cover without a bike cover. Tried a few kinds (not the inflatable garage type)and find that when under some type of overhang or in a garage, going without a cover is the way to go.


While traveling the covers get wet and then you have to store them. They don't dry out, and you then sometimes have to put a wet cover on a dry bike. I've found zero ill effects by not using any bike cover.


Your bike is made to withstand rain, wind, blowing dirt at 70+ mph for hours and days on end. I think sitting still is not going to bother it.

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Jerry Johnston

If you had one of the old tall canvas tents (tall enought to stand in) you may be able to use that and have it serve as a tent also.

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hmmmm - as i see it you are going to put the bike away - not in and out. if money is a factor you can get cheapish covers at princess auto - i'm pretty sure you have one in calgary. i got an ok one for 16$ - watch the flyer for specials (available on-line). if i could do it again i would pay 40 and get biggest delux model. i just want to keep the dust off and have something that packs down small when on the road to reduce conspicucity in hotel parking lots.


for the price of some of the other covers (x2) i would get a tempo (temporary garage) if i had the space and municipality allowed it (neigther of which applies to me). way bigger (but ok plenty ugly too! )


not disagreeing with anyone just giving you another option.

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I have the big Pricess Auto bike cover, don't use it every day (for the wear and nuisance reasons noted above) since the bike is in the garage and comes out almost daily, but I will put it on if I will be away for any length of time (conspicuity through the windows, dust) or if I'm doing other work in the garage where dust etc. is being generated. This cover seems pretty strong, is vented and has elastic along the bottom along with a strap that should keep it secure on the bike, and it has a fuzzy liner inside where it contacts the windshield. I recall it was about $30 on sale when I bought it.

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I know Vinny says "the bike is made to withstand rain, wind, etc etc". I don't mind riding it in the rain, but can't explain why letting it get rained on overnite in the motel parking lot feels like abuse to me. I treasure my bike and always cover it overnite on the road. Quirk, I guess.

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