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Noisy transmission


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I come from a Road King to my new RT. So noisy transmissions I can deal with if I think its normal behavior. The transmission/driveline doesn't seems as tight as Honda's I've previously owned, is this expected?


I'm talking about on 1st gear clutch engagement, hearing the gears catch as if everything in the driveline was loose and tightening as you engage the clutch. I think of it as analogous to a train, as it starts moving, the hitch in each car has the slack taken out of it.



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I think what you are hearing is normal, but it has more to do with the clutch design than the tranny itself. There is a noticeable clutch engagement cluck/catch with these dry clutches. With miles you will get better at the fine feel it takes to be smooth with them.

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I'm not sure this is what you're talking about, but my '96 RT transmission seemed quite clunky and I heard a lot of whine; after 9 years of riding this bike, I think I was finally getting used to that whine.


My new '05 RT doesn't have nearly as much whine, but is still a bit clunky.


I haven't noticed the train car coupling engagement analogy that you described.

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I was actually noticing on the way in to work this morning I could control the noise somewhat.


The train analogy may not be a good one, it was just something I was thinking...in anycase its quieter and smoother than my Road King and I'm enamored with the suspension.....



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