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Shoei RF1000 vs Schuberth C2


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Due to circumstances beyond my control ooo.gif, it's time for a new helmet. I am looking at both these helmets as a replacement to my Shoei RF900 and I have a few questions to those that may own one or the other (or both) of these helmets.


I know comparing these 2 helmets aren't quite comparing apples to apples, but I cannot find a Schuberth C2 anywhere close to my home to look at muchless try on.


My questions are these:

1. How do these helmets compare size wise? I wear a XL now and the Shoei RF1000 XL seems comfortable, but I don't know about the Schuberth.

2. Is the Schuberth helmet made to fit a oval head?

3. How quiet is the Schuberth compared to the Shoei? I realize the C2 is a flip, but all the reviews say it is very quiet, so I'm curious...

4. Has anyone bought from www.extremesupply.com ? they seem to have some of the best prices on Schuberth that I have seen.


Well, Thats about it...



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Drake, I also wear a shoei 900 size large. My local dealer had a few of the Schuberth C2 helmets and I was interested in buying one because of the flip up feature. But when I tried on the xxlarge helmet it still seemed too tight so I decide against it. You really should find a way to try them on first to save yourself money and aggravation.

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Same here. My Shoei XL RF1000 & X11 are very comfortable. I tried on a Schuberth C2 XXL and it was too tight, especially across the forehead. It's also a very heavy and large helmet. I passed after playing with one for a couple of minutes.

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Thanks for the input guys. It's looking like I'm going to be going with the Shoei RF1000, it seems to be a great lid. I guess I was just looking to try something different, but without being able to try the Schuberth helmet on I won't buy it, besides now I will have another $200.00 left in my wallet! thumbsup.gif

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