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R 1200 RT Tank Bag


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I am thinking of purchasing the BMW tank bag made for the R12RT. Looks a little big and it is pretty freakin expensive but noting else I've seen will fit. Good? Bad? Ugly? Thanks for the input. cool.gif

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I like it for trips, around town I don't use it, just to bulky. When going for days it works great, dry and easy to use.

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I like the ease of taking it on and off. Only use it when I go on long trips or ride without side bags. I used the expansion zipper on it the other day on a really hot (100+ degrees) ride. Put my entire riding jacket in there with a drink. Fit nicely. It is big, but it also holds a lot. Could use some outside pockets, though.

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Bought mine new with the bike and can honestly say; it is the best tank bag I've ever owned; mostly because of the easy on-easy off feature.

That being said... I use it ALL THE TIME. Throw my wallet, cell phone and badge in it on the trips to and from work. It holds paper napkins, my garage door opener, an ENTIRE FULL Camelbak (105 oz) for those hot days here in Phoenix (I let the drinking hose stick out between the two zippers and just take a sip when I need one).

It is the single most used accessory on my bike. I love it.


As someone said... some exterior pockets would be nice but I think I'm going to have my wife sew on some nylon mesh velcro close pockets that you can buy pre-made. Pretty simple to do.


I suspect that the attach system is patented...which likely means that you won't find another bag on the market which will utilize the quick-attach system.


Expensive... yes. Useful... extremely.



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I agree with all that's been said so far on this thread: the BMW bag is kinda big and expensive, but well made and very handy. I can't see ever going back to a tank bag that attaches with straps. Also unique, I think, is the its water resistance which eliminates the need for a rain cover; I've always found those to be a pain in the butt. This bag is clearly the best I've ever used.


Regarding the attachment plate, I noticed a BMW part number on it that was different than than part number for the whole bag. I was hoping that I might be able to just buy the attachment plate (for a reasonable price) and use it to mount a thinner bag and map pocket for day rides. I asked my dealer's parts guy to check it out. Well, no luck - that part number does not show up on BMW's database. I suppose if they sold the attachment plate alone they'd loose a lot sales of the combined bag and plate. Maybe in time someone in the aftermarket will come up with something that attaches as easily, but offers more bag size choices.


Brian Mullins

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I saw an option at the national rally last week. It had the mount that fastens to the fuel filler screws and allows the bag to flip up. I think it's called the Big Mac. I like the stock set up better.

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Bought one with the bike.. Mounting system is slick, bag expands and holds bu-co stuff.. It's not easy to organize anything in it, as it's one big compartment.. So far it's been waterproof, but an all day gully washer might get by the liner, hasn't happend yet.. Bag uses all of the available space around the handlebars, but it is a bit tight between the bag and radio controls on the left HB.. sometimes I end up bumping the radio off station..


Over all, I'd buy another one, mainly due to the mounting system and the fit of the bag around the bars..



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