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all season riding boots


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while I notice there is another post regarding boots, I don't want to hijack the thread as my needs are slightly different.


my wife is planning to get me some riding boots for my birthday coming up. I live in Utah and ride 3 of 4 seasons here. weather can be high 20's to low 30's in early spring/fall riding and up to 100+ in july.


do any of you out there recommend a riding boot to suit this wide range of riding?


thank you in advance for your advice.

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I am not likely to test them at very low temps, but I just bought a pair of Oxtar Matrix Goretex boots, and I am very pleased with the fit and finish. They are waterproof, sturdy and surprisingly light and comfortable, both for riding and walking. My only complaint is that, compared to my old RedWings, they have a higher profile (distance between sole and top of shifting pad), so that I had to use up all of the adjustment in the shift lever in order to be able to shift properly. Reasonable price at my dealer, too (about $175 including California tax). You can get them a little cheaper on the Internet, but I wanted to try them on before messing with an order, so paid the extra few bucks at the dealer.

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Oxtar Matrix.


Warm in winter, cool in summer, light weight, comfortable all day long, and water tight as a frog's butt. If you need more than that, you're in big trouble.

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H C Edwards

Oxtar Matrix here too. Bought them last fall from MotorcycleCloseout.com. Rode through the winter, spring, and now summer. Super comfortable right out of the box, no leaks in the rain.

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I have Oxtar Matrix and Sidi Strada Evo Tepor and while I like both of them, I find the Sidi to be more comfortable for longer all day wear. I also wear Wesco boots which can be custom made (at higher cost)and these are also very comfortable. But for the racers out there, these are leather boots without shin or achilles or ankle bone protection.

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Oxtar Matrix are nice indeed however be aware you may have a problem if you have a wide calf. Both my husband and I tried them, no luck for either of us.

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For those of us on the cheap side look at the fireman's boot made by Redwing. They are comfortable and can be purchased as a blem for $110.00+- and you can also purchase a zipper that fits over the tongue. I usually wear these rather than my Sidi's or BMW GoreTex. Some forgotten author recommend these boots in our PITS News Letter 5 or 6 years ago and I have worn them since.

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An inexpensive alternative. I replied to the other post with these also, but think these apply to your needs as well.


Hi Tec Viper Boots - $74.99 Link


Wear them in all seasons...30's to high 90's. They have served me very well, are very comfortable, great grip, and great price. I do treat the leather with silicone weather proofer once a year. With rain pants on have never had a problem even in very heavy rain. Will definately buy them again once they wear out.


Action leather/900-denier nylon upper

Suede collar

Waterproof liner

Moisture-wicking lining

Rustproof hardware

Contoured removable insole

Steel shank

Molded EVA midsole

M-PACT heel air pad

Carbon rubber outsole

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I've had a pair of BMW Goretex boots for the last 6 years and am very happy. Fast on/off with a zipper. The stock soles wore out for me after a year, but the boots are made by some Italian hiking boot manufacturer and the soles can be replaced with a vibram sole. That vibram has lasted the last 5+ years. They are comfortable off the bike too.


And the best part for me is they are a narrow boot, much more so than the other boots that were available in 1999.

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I have two pairs. www.cruiserworks.com which I wear all year around and are comfy. I can wear heavy or light socks.

I just recently bought the Oxtar Matrix, based on the recommendations of the people on theis board, which I like but I had to buy peg lowering kits from suburban machinery to get the boot under the shifter.

Add $150 to the boots for that, but I would still buy the Oxtars again

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Another vote for Oxtar Gore Matrix. Love 'em.

Probably the most comfortable boots I own, and the best of the lot for walking about, too.


I also have a pair of Triumph summer boots which I like a lot too.




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Sidi On Road Sympatex - awesome all-day, any-weather riding boots. Super comfortable, wear like iron, and highly regarded in the biking community - just Google them.

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Previously, I have purchased high-dollar motorcycle riding boots from my BMW dealer. They're okay, I suppose, but my all time favorites are the Herman Survivor boots that I purchased from my local Wal-Mart. They're an ultra lightweight, black leather/Goretex(?) combination. I find them extremely comfortable as a "walking around" boot and afford good all-weather riding protection. These boots give me a sense of security and sure-footing when I have to stop and plant my feet on oil-soaked pavement or gravel. With these boots, I never get that "clod hopper" feeling that some other boots have given me.


I'm pretty sure that I paid less than $50 for them about 2 years ago.

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+1 on the Oxtar Gore-Tex Matrix. I bought a size larger than I normally wear and use wicking hiking socks for warmth and moisture management. They take about 15 hours of riding to break-in. Before that they are very stiff and feel like Frankenstein boots. I'd buy them again.

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The Sidi Strada Evo Tepor are extremely comfy for all-weather, although I finally bought the air version for this summer and am very happy. Not a lot of air movement, but enough to keep the heat down.

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