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2000 miles .........Part 2 (2008)

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Day 4


Alma Ark to Bartlesville Okla.



Rode out of the foothills into the flat plains of Okla.


Found this old mill,no signs or anything that would tell me anything about it





These guys were checking me out,thought I had something to eat,I was as hungry as they were.





Obligatory Kudzo shot.






Look out for the bull........







There were dogs everywhere along the roads,most barked or chased me,but these guys were laying down blocking the way.As it turned out,I think they were happy to see me.Gets lonesome out here.I petted them and moved on.





My attention is on the road,trying to dodge the ruts and bad spots when I look up and see this guy,whats he doing in the middle of Okla?


I taking the pic and noticing how big he really is. Now I'm noticing how puny that barbed wire fence looks,probably wouldn't even slow him down.....I'm outta here.





Creek crossings are looking better.






Open range...these guys were afraid of the mighty KLR,turned tail and ran.







don't need the GPS here























Day 5


Bartlesville to Alva to Liberal KS



I was only supposed to go to Alva, but when I got in the 4 hotels were all booked for homecoming.Where to go? Stopped in a little gas mart and asked the two lady clerks if there were any motels in Buffalo,about 30 miles away.They didn't think there were but couldn't remember or sure.A customer who looked to be in his forties chimed in with this reply.”I have lived here all my life but I have never been to Buffalo,so I can't help you”


Can you imagine not ever being 30 miles away from your hometown in your life...


Had to ride over a 100 miles to find a motel.




Early morning







Some of these old bridges I crossed were really in need of repair






The creek crossings were not much better,but at least you wouldn't fall as far






I rode off the trail in order to ride thru the Tall Grass Praire reserve,only to find the trail goes thru the other side







Got a huge laugh out of this sign..........musta had some extra signs they had to get rid of







Open range,many signs warn of the danger,didn't have to tell me twice












Getts pretty lonesome out here,unlike in Ark and eastern Okla.I can a least see farms in the distance,out here there is nothing as far as you can see.






These “camel head pumper “dot the landscape for as far as you can see,some old and out of service,but there are lots on new ones running.This one has the old “hit and miss” engine powering it.








...and the road goes on...






Dust storm comin....






Found this dude in a wet section of the road..didn't seem to be very scared...






Anyone in the market for a Studebaker??Cheap!







A little bit of the artsey stuff showing up in me







The right tool for the right job







Lots of old wornout windmills out here.They must have a better way to water stock now.







Some parts of the road are a little worse than others.You always had to keep an eye on the road surface as the ruts were hard to see in time.I getting pretty good at handling the small tankslappers.






...and the road goes on..













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WOW! I'm lovin' this. :Cool:

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WOW! I'm lovin' this. :Cool:

ditto!!! :thumbsup:

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