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Tank Bags and Tyres for GS1200


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Can anyone recommend a Tank Bag for a GS1200


what sort of mileage can I expect from Bridgestone Trail Wings?



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Welcome to the site, HowDoo.


In the BMW SportTouring forum you will find a thread titled "Well, i test rode the GS today, and.... guess what?" where there is some information about tank bags.


My bike came fitted with the Bridgestone TrailWings. After just over 8,000km they were worn down. Replaced them with Michelin Anakees, which lasted close to 10,000km. Now have Avon Distanzia fitted, and these are looking quite worn at only about 5,000km. Next time I will probably go for Metzler Tourance or the Anakees again.


You may well get a much higher mileage from your tyres. These mileages are from riding on NZ roads with coarse chip seal, which can be very hard on the tyres.

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Tank Bag (large) BMW Original is really good.

Tires: Michelin Anakees, Metz Tourance......


and prolly the new winner on road tire if you can get them will be the Michelin Pilot Roads....

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BMW tank bag is good but really BIG. I ran a Tourmaster Super Mini when I had the GS and have moved it to the RT. Tire mileage always seems to vary too much between rider to give an accurate estimate. Some guys swear they got 15k out of a rear tourance and mine was toast at 6k.


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how tall are you again

i want that bmw bag.... but i can't really see over it too well at 5'6".....

why is that thing so BIG?

i think they made it with 6'4" folks in mind



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Here's another vote for the Tourmaster Super Mini. Due to its recommendation in another thread a few weeks ago, I ordered one. I have it mounted on my '05 RT and it's the perfect size for me for daily use. It holds all the doodads that I'd normally have to stuff in my pockets or side cases, i.e., wallet, sunglasses, garage door opener, cell phone, keys, pen, small spiral notebook, checkbook, etc., etc....


Cost was less than $50 plus shipping.

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Greg, the bmw tank bag is big, but when you need the space like for unexpected shopping (as in my wife surprising me, "oh honey I bought a full set of bedding for our bedroom" ! well then its an amazing bag, its also water proof making it a winner.


I'm 5"10 and have no trouble looking over the bag.. as a matter of fact when I'm going for a long tedious run I tend to put a few soft things in it like a sweater , towel etc... and lean against it to give my body a break from time to time.

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i agree that bag is an amazing "fit" for the bike. i spent 1.5 hour at the dealer yesterday (will pick bike up TOMORROW afternoon)....

because of my height and the height of that bag

and the fact that i'm going to fit the BWM Navigator ii with the standard BMW mount (and i couldn't see that gps over that bag at my height)


i decided to go with THIS bag



i really is nice

the magnetic locking is very trick

and it makes refueling a breeze

it expands to 11 liters/exactly HALF of the stock BMW's size/but i hope that it works for me


i liked the way the bmw fits better, of course.....

but the size was too massive for my short body



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You said you fitted the Tourmaster Super Mini to your 05RT. Is that the 1200RT and if so, how did you mount it?



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Hi Dick -


Yes, I mounted the Tourmaster Super Mini bag on my 2005 R1200RT. IIRC, the original suggestion came from Davis_S in another recent thread. I have mine mounted (attached) using the same technique he did, i.e., the front strap goes around the steering yoke and the rear strap goes under the seat and is attached to the seat height adjustment bar.


The attachment configuration seems to be well thought out with Velcro and adjustment straps in all the right places.


For me, I didn't need/want a large bag for packing clothing and other gear requiring a lot of space. This bag accomodates my "stuff" quite nicely.


[if I need to go to Home Depot for large sheets of plywood, I'll take my truck. smile.gif]

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