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Cee Bailey plus 3 & 2


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I purchased a Cee Bailey plus 3 plus 2 tinted shield while at Lima. I looks big and it is. Protection is good as I expected. The black items that help secure the shield will not match the curve of the new shield. Fuel milage to Lima was 50 mpg while return milage was 42 at best. 540 miles each way. The r1200rt was a real treat smile.gif but the shield frown.gifgoes back to Cee Bailey. Leon

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when i ride the LT at speed... being only 5'6", i have long noticed the GREAT difference in mpg with the electric screen up and down

at 80 mph (easy to do on the interstate):

1. screen up - 40 mpg/ears ringing

2. screen down - 28-30 mpg/easy on the ears

.... still wear ear protection, however


i pick up the GS in 2-3 days.... the stock screen isn't good (a fact that seems to be fairly universally accepted), but i wonder what the Cee Bailey's will do to that bike's mpg?


life is always a compromise


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I donot know about a gs shield but can say I got good milage 50-51 at 70 mph using # 2 euro on a 04rt. It worked so good I very seldom raised it more than half way. Leon

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I had the same problem with the black pieces not fitting. The top holes are a bit too low. I took a round file and removed a small amount from the top of the holes and the pieces now fit just like they did on the stock screen. I suppose I shouldn't have to modify it but for me it was easier than shipping it back since I was happy with it otherwise.

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