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Autocom Active 7 Headset Cord Breakdowns


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Are the newer 7 pin cables more fragile than the older 5 pin, or am I tough on mine? I had a Pro M1 for several years, and never had a cable failure. With the Active 7, I’ve had the cord from the headset break down internally after two months, and now the Autocom unit cord seems to be failing. Moving the cord from the unit that connects to the headset cord makes one speaker cut out.


I don’t use this any differently than I used the Pro M1, so I can’t understand the quick breakdown. Did Autocom maybe get a bad roll of cable and I’m lucky enough to have weak wiring in two places, or are these 7 pin cables more prone to having the wires inside break down with no external problem visible?


If they are weak and prone to breakage, has anyone found a replacement cable that will hold up better? I don't mind if I have to buy the cable and connectors separately and make my own, I'd rather know they're going to be solid and work when I need them to.

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Quit hanging your helmet on the bike by tying the Autocom cable around the mirror?


Seriously though, no problem so-far with our 7-pin connectors after about a year.

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I've had my Pro-M1 for four years and have suffered 2 coiled cable failures. This was due to angle at which I had the cables mounted. There was some stress on the cable at right angles to the socket and it eventually caused one speaker to cut out as you described.


The cables are much more sturdy than anything else that is commercially available and are also waterproof. I've replaced the coiled cord with a longer straight cord hoping that it will last longer.


Why did you replace your Pro-M1? Did it fail or did you want the extra features of the Active7?

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I am sorry to hear of your lead problem/s


Each inner core conductor of your 7 pin leads (6 core and earth Autocom custom designed and produced cable) is made from the same high quality material and size/construction as the old 5 pin leads (4 core and earth cable) that we originally developed, and as you say is well proven, so we see not technical reason why your 7 pin leads should be any different to the old 5 pin lead.


Indeed if you compare the outer diameter of the cables you will see that the new 6 core and earth is thicker overall than the old 4 core and earth, (because of the extra two inner cores).


We have NOT downgraded the cable, but we have increased panel cable hole sizes to accommodate the new thicker cables.


I would be most grateful to inspect your cables as if there are any actual defects that have not been caused through normal use then I need to see this and know about it as soon as possible.


What I can say is that with many, many hundreds of miles of this cable in use, some professionally 7 days per week 52 week PA, it has proved very reliable, although that isn’t to say that an inner core manufacturing joint, that should be removed during the cable spooling process, didn’t somehow slip through the computerised QC net, which is extremely rare. But the only way I will know this for sure is if I can inspect the cables for you.


Please send them back via TopGear our USA distributor, together with a covering copy of this note from me


Chris Walters

Top Gear Accessories

P.O. Box 1477


New York 12159




Or to save time directly to me


Tom Beman

Autocom Products Ltd

Unit 4

Tachbrook link

Tachbrook Park Drive


CV34 6RH



+44 (0)1926 431249


If there is a manufacturing fault I will replace them under warranty.


Autocom-UK-Tom thumbsup.gif

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