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Good deals on First Gear LEATHER Mesh-Tex jacket


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I'm always looking for the lowest price and I found a great deal on First Gear Leather MeshTex ($129.95) here. I picked one up for the S.O and he loves it. If you're a blue color fan you need to know that the blue was a little dark/dull but we switched for the red and it's a very nice bright red color. Yellow would have been our first choice but no yellow. Cycle Depot also has a good deal at $128.50 !


This is the lowest price I've seen anywhere for the Leather Mesh-Tex and I thought I'd let you all know in case you're in the market for some mesh gear. Quality is very nice but you need to upgrade armor....badly. The thin spongy stuff that comes in the jacket is garbage (IMO). My opinion would be to upgrade to First Gear's Core Comp or Belstaff armor or some other armor of that caliber.



(no affiliation-just like to help save a buck)

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