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Riding with the Crew in Arizona


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Well, here I sit at Kinkos waiting on some copies. I went straight here after our "ride" this morning.


PhillyFlash (Howard) met me at 6:20a, then we met Brant Herbert a few minutes later, and then 5 others down the road. Then did a 110 mile climb through the desert and then mountains to have breakfast in Strawberry or some place (sorry, I was riding, not taking notes). Then climbed up to 6,500 ft., turned around, and headed own.


Al the earplug guy came, as did Shelley (Angie had to work), and several others I had not met yet.


It was really a sweet road and we kicked it. Al and Shelley were in front showing off on their K12RS bikes, and Howard and I were right behind wishing we had more power. We were climbing at 105-110, and I felt like I was on one of those cheap a$$ go-kart tracks where you don't let off on the throttle no matter what, because you'll never catch up. I approached one left hander that was pretty tight, in the right lane, and came up on a fairly slow car. So I ducked into the left lane, still in the corner, and lost a couple grams of metal. Looked down and saw that we were at 97 mph. Geez. These Arizona people ride fast. I think Al thought he was in his helicopter, and Shelley was just plain showing off! And yapping about her cool RS, too.


Great company.

Great breakfast.

Great roads.

Lousy mileage.


See all of you for dinner tomorrow night.


(Brant got some pictures, which I imagine he'll post.)

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Great riding with you, David, and the rest of the AZ crew. Nothing like an early morning run up to the high country for breakfast. Know what you mean about not wanting to let off, I got in some traffic, next thing I know you guys are gone! Sure was an unusual morning, with the high humidity, the wind, and the interesting clouds and light formations on the way up. Wonderful feeling to have to put on an additional layer under my mesh jacket, guess it means it may start dropping below 100 in the Valley any day now. Great to meet a few more local riders. Shelley, I'll try to get out for a ride with your group sometime soon.


A fun time.

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Mr. Proprietor

I wasn’t bragging, just showing you how well an RS handles! Scrapping? What is that ? I still have chicken stripe’s on the tires.wink.gif Leaned over at a buck twenty is just warming up on a RS! Where as that RT is huff’in and a puff’in at 110mph! laugh.gif I was only trying to lure you to the DARK SIDE. Did it work?


That was really a fun fast ride! Wished we had time to take you up to the Rim where we took Gleno! That would’ve been even better! I guess you’ll just have to come back so we can take you on the GRAND LOOP TOUR!

Glad I got to meet and ride with ya! Same for Brant, hope you see you on a few more rides with us.

Be Well,

Shelley cool.gif


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Had a chance to meet some more folks over dinner last night, including RussL, Bob Hall, and CactusRider (Jason). Got to introduce them to Andrew Duthie and hsi wife Peg. Andrew is an "Iron Buttist" from last year, and they are riding back with me on their Concours.


You wanta talk hard core? On an earlier trip this guy did 1,300+ miles in 24 hours, on a Ninja 250, with Peg on the back!

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David, you get to have all the fun. Man, I wanna go play. "Ok, back to work it is, sir!" Be safe while you play.


Oh, so Shelly just stuffed you on the RT??? tongue.gif

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Oh, so Shelly just stuffed you on the RT??? color=blue>


Yep, she stuffed me. It's going to take years of therapy. She stuffs me in verbal jousting, too. Howard is going to start some of the therapy via GMRS as we head over to Alpine tomorrow, where we'll spent the night as a crew and then Andrew and Peg and I will peel off east for home.

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In reply to:

Geez. These Arizona people ride fast.

We ride fast going out because we're hungry and want to get to breakfast. We ride fast coming back because we want to get home before it reaches 115 degrees. You see, riding fast has become a necessity of life.

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Breakfast ride to Strawberry, AZ


A few pics.


Meeting at the Texaco.



recourses (David Baker), ArizonaAl (Al Schibi),

PhillyFlash (Howard), Andrew Tokarz, Dave Farrow,

Steve Chambers, Shelley




Al helps David setup his new Kenwood GMRS radio.




David gets fitted for custom earplugs



"Al, you're sure about this, right?"



"uh huh. uh huh. What?"


Breakfast riders


(Al, Howard, Shelley, Andrew, David, Brant)

Photo by Steve Chambers


On the way home, one final stop...


DSCN4376_small.jpg DSCN4377_small.jpg


...to do what vistors always do :-)




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Great show, Brant. Thanks for taking all the photos. Just so all of you know, my avatar to the left is on the same road we took with David. This was one of the straight stretches. smile.gif

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David, It was a pleasure meeting you, Andrew and wife Peg as well as Jason and Brant. I'm sure you'll have a great time on the ride to Alpine, AZ, especially Rt 191. Soory I missed it. Next time you go riding with Al and Shelley, make sure to leave the book at home. smile.gif Have a safe ride back to Nashville.

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Brant, great pictures, looks like you found a great saguaro cactus to frame David. We had a fairly quick run to breakfast that morning, but we wouldn't want people to think we rode at that speed all the time. When the RS group is running without any RT's with us we use 6th gear and go somewhat faster.


It was nice getting together with David and the bunch for dinner on Thursday night also and I look forward to all of you riding with us some more in the future.


I hope you guys have a good time at Alpine as you escort David out of the state--


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We had a great time in Alpine, where we left this morning, at 37 degrees! Made it past Oklahoma City--809 miles in just under 14 hours. Gonna get to Nashville tomorrow. Good night everybody!

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You seem to do nothing but ride, meet and hang with nice folks, eat, and then ride some more. Here I am stuck in an office reading your posts (DOH! BUSTED!!) and wondering how I can get a job like yours.


Maybe one of these days I'll hit the lottery....

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Hey now, not quite -- I was alone on the Hopeless Rally. Peg did ride pillion on the 250 to McComb, MS with me once for the Crawfish Boil in 2000, though. (I don't think we were dry for more than the first hour of that trip.)

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